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Giardia? Maybe ...

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I've been fighting a soft stool issue with Mithril. He's basically had a soft stool, classic "pudding poo" since he's come home with us. The breeder had them on Iams Hairball forumla, don't really know why except that I assume it'd be easier to keep all the cats on the same food and her cattery is really back of beyond with only a Wal-Mart close to hand. I started switching the boys (slowly) right away to Nutro Complete Kitten. Since I started switching immediately I really don't know if Mithril CAME with a soft stool as I assumed it was food related since I was in the process of switching. Narsil always has (had) a formed stool, although my chief "Keeper of the Litter Box" said it looked very moist which sounds like it was mucousy.

Well this morning I heard litter box noises which sounded like some serious diarrhea going on, and it was Narsil AND there was some blood . Of course I took them both in. My thinking being seeing as how this has been going on since they've come home that perhaps it's giardia or coccidia which I also know is hard to test for definitively.

Well, my vet can't find anything (also apparently there's some newer test which can test for giardia which came up negative.) Which really doesn't surprise me. Although he said that Narsil's stool had a lot of fat globules in it and was grainy, almost sandy. I can't think of anything he could have possibly gotten into that would cause such a thing, the litter is Feline Pine, and there's no plants they could get into. It's barely possible that he might have picked up some of the substrate that I had in my aquarium, as I just emptied that and it's impossible to do so without some of escaping onto the floor, but that is regular sized gravel, not sand, certainly not in quantity. The only other thing I can think of is he's simply not digesting the Royal Canin kitten forumla they're on now, so we're trying Eukanuba kitten. I'm not real fond of it, but if it does the job, I'll be happy. It may be that the "fancier" foods are just too rich for them.

Also, we're treating for giardia presumptively, 1/4 tab of Metronidazole twice a day for both of them.

Happy, happy, joy, joy. Thank God for Mastercard!

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If the treatment for Giardia does not work might want to look into this

My Loki has food allergies - the description sounds just like what he had. I feed him Life's Abundance (which took me a long time to find) and no more problems! He has now been on it for 3+ years !!!!

There is no corn, wheat, dairy, by-products, artificial colors or flavors and is formulated by a Holistic Vet.

Here is the website if you want to look..


Good luck with your babies!
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That would be a possibility, although like I told my vet it would be --- odd --- for BOTH of them to have food allergies, although on the other hand, since they're full brothers, maybe that's not such a reach.

The "sand" thing; I've got an area rug in my bedroom, which hasn't been vacuumed in a week or so, and there's little bits of well, "stuff" all over it. Without examining it with a magnifying glass, I'm pretty sure it's tracked litter (Feline Pine after it breaks down) and I'm wondering if this isn't where he's picked it up. We've been letting them have the run of the house at night, we may have to go back to shutting them up in the bedroom with us. And I guess I need to vacuum more !

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