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Don't know what to do :(

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As some of you might remember, my cat Tigger almost died of crystals in his urine. After $1500 he was stabalized and was able to come home. But he was not eating on his own and peeing and pooping every where (my couches and everything), I took him back to the vet and they told me to force feed him. Its been over a week and he still won't eat on his own, still peeing and pooping every where. I even put a brand new litter box and in a new place and nothing. He growls at me when I feed him but I put up with it and keep doing it. I just don't know, he is not the same cat and I'm afraid I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. Could his system have been so damaged that he will never be ok?? Is it time to put him down? I hate seeing him this way and although I would hate to have to put him down, he is misserable.
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I know it really hurts to see your cat so miserable. I can't really give you that kind of advice. I think what you need to do is find out from your vet exactly what the prognosis is for his condition, and how long it's expected to take. I hope that what you hear will make you feel better.
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Hello, I am so sorry that you are going throught this! When my cat wasn't eating he was given an appetite stimulant. Has your vet recommended this?
You may also try adding tuna water to Tigger's food. From what I have read cats feed according to aroma, if it doesn't smell good they won't eat it.
Also try warming up the food. Even if it is dry add some water to it and warm it up, not to hot of course.
Good luck, my prayers are with you
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I would take him back to the vet and discuss your concerns with your vet. Your cat sounds like he is still quite sick and you need a professional to guide you here.
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I feel for ya, my cat Snickers had the same problem. (but he returned to normal health thank God)

I would either change Vets or get a second Vet's opinion on what is going on!!! It sounds like your kit is in pain or something is very wrong. I have two vets in the practice where I take Snickers; the first vet insisted Snickers was too far gone and wanted to put him down!!! The second vet saved his life! She obviously knew what she was doing and it made all the difference!

The first vet told me that Snickers heart and kidneys were ruined and it would be the "humane thing" to put him to death (he's 14). The second vet said just the opposite and brought him back to health.

I say get a second opinion, asap!! I think Tigger will return to normal soon.

Good Luck... hope you're both okay soon...
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I agree - time to get discuss this with your vet and/or get a second opinion, your kitty does not sound stablized to me
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Are you syringe feeding him? You might ask your vet about a temporary feeding tube. It can make the feeding process a lot easier, especially since it's been a struggle. Cyproheptadine, an appetite stimulant, helped my cat tremendously. You might also ask your vet about adding canned pumpkin to the mix. It helps with both diarrhea and constipation, which can make anyone cranky.
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The vet just said that some times their brain can be damaged by what his been through???? Which sounded totally weird to me but oh well, I'm not the expert.
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Have you thought of a second opinion. My parents lost their kitty last year and are wishing they had gotten a second opinion.
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Originally Posted by DarciFinn
Have you thought of a second opinion. My parents lost their kitty last year and are wishing they had gotten a second opinion.
Absolutely... get a second opinion.
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He may be afraid to use the litterbox because he associates it with pain. Try a new box with different litter. Try different combos in different areas of the house. (uncovered, covered, big, small, clumping, beads, corncob...) I would also make sure he is comfortable, perhaps ask the vet for an anti-inflammatory.
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