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barely eating & trying to hide

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i have a tabby short haired, he's about one year and one month old ... he's always been very active and social with others in the house. There was never a problem with eating. In the last couple of days things have changed, he barely touches his food and he's trying to hide sometimes even from me. I have tried giving him different brands of food, dry and canned food but he doesn't seem interested in any of them. Did anyone else had this issue?

He also likes to catch mice or birds (he did get his vaccinations) so could this be caused if he tried to eat the bird with the feathers? Sometimes it looks like he's trying to vomit but it just won't come out.

Thank you for your help

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You should call the vet even take him in just to be on the safe side
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Hi Radek,

The problem with letting your cat outside and letting them eat their normal prey is they can get ill from it. Especially if the momcat never has shown the kittens how to properly eat their prey and they get into the gut sack (where all the bacteria is). This causes them to get tapeworms, and other parasites, and if they are after birds then they can get song bird fever which is quite serious and even deadly. I would urge you to get your cat into the vet to be evaluated and get a fecal test done to test for parasites. Ask the vet also to test for salmonella because that is commonly found in birds as well-

Good luck and don't delay the vet visit- trust me, you don't want to watch your cat die from something that could be preventable-
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