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Neurotic cat!

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I adopted my sweet lil Aphro fr the rescue a little over 2 mos ago and her scratching and biting have not stopped. I've tried all the advice given in this forum: NO, put her in another room, scream OW, stop playing with her... However, unlike most kittens, this problem doesn't appear to be coming from need of attention. Sometimes, she goes into these hyper neurotic fits where she races around the apt, bumps her head, scratches, bites, scales curtains... she just goes berzerk! If I try to stop her (or even if I don't) she'll bite (not hard clamping down) and scratch me. I used to think this was playfulness, but now I'm not so sure. This morning, although this may have been an accident, she was falling off my desk where she was crowding my laptop and broke her fall with my leg... unfortunately she used her claws and did quite a bit of damage... the worst damage so far in fact... my leg was free-flowing blood in a couple places!! Has anybody heard of this neurotic behavior? She was the last of her 5 littermates to be adopted.. and now I think I may know why. I have a vet appt next wk, but I suppose before then I may try Softpaws (success with that?) Also...has anybody had success with the squirt bottle? I'm at my wits' end... I shall update when I get back from the vet.
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She could be in pain. I'd have her checked over by a vet. This is serious behavior. How old is she now?

After she is checked by a vet, if nothing is wrong, I'd try training, and loads of play to wear out her energy. PM me after you get abck from the vet, if you'd like more suggestions.
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My Cleo was the same way when I first got her. She would literally climb up me to the top of my head, run around like a lunatic and in general act like a jerk. I thought I had made a HUGE mistake...then it occurred to me that maybe she was lonely so I called the people I got her from and asked if they had any of the litter left, they did so I went and got one of her sisters. Boom...problem solved. She just needed a playmate. She had too much kitty energy pent up and took it out on me.
If you can't get another cat though, make sure you have tons of toys for her when you are not around.
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it sounds pretty normal kitten stuff!

they are little balls of energy. mine winded me by jumping from the cat tower onto my stomach this morning!

they do grow out of it at arond 6 months, and as someone said, the best 'cure' is another kitten to play with.
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I was/am seriously considering adopting another kitty her age (poor kitties.. i wish i could adopt them all! the shelter is so full of them.. makes me so depressed to go in there.. ) How much extra work is there with a second cat? I'm a college student and I don't want to regret getting another cat if I can't take care of one. I shall ask the vet when I see him. Thanks for all the suggestions, I love this forum
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A second cat is not any extra work, just extra food, and of course extra love from you. Fortunately they are very independent creatures. Just show them where the food is and the litter and your pretty much ready to go!!!
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its just extra food and vet bills really. if you keep up to date with their shots and have them spayed/neutered it wont really notice.
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I've come through uni with two cats! You just need to make sure that you keep an eye on your finances!

I had a jar that i'd put £5 in per week, by the time it's time for boosters, there's enough money to pay! Plus, you don't even notice it going!
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Sar's savings plan idea is a good one ... I did the same thing when I was first out on my own and wanted cats for companions. Spare change in the bottom of my pocketbook, found in the washing machine or under the couch cushions all went into a jar along with $5 a week. When it came time for vet visits, I was easily able to pay and replenish the jar before the next visit was due.

It is always a good plan to know what your limits are - I commend you for the forward-thinking necessary to know adding a second cat may not be the best idea for you at this time. Not all people are responsible enough to look at the bigger picture and to take these sorts of things into consideration. My hat is off to you.

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Sar and Gayef, the money jar is a brilliant idea!! I will definitely start that right away!

Ok, so.. my Aphro had her first vet visit today and got updated on her shots. I talked to the vet about this behavior and she said that my cat would eventually calm down as this is similar to normal kitten behavior (she agreed my cat was a little wild ), but also agreed that getting another kitten around the same age could not hurt the situation and most likely make it better. So I will definitely be checking out that option Like many of you said, I don't think food will be an issue, but what about another litter box? I live in a large 1 bedroom apt and would prefer to only have one litter box, will they eventually share one? I suppose ultimately.. it's not my decision. Thank you for all the input! I shall keep you updated!
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you should have one box per cat plus an extra one to stop any disputes.

I have pet insurance for my cats too incase they have a road accident or serious illness. its worth the £5 pm for my peace of mind.
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