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I need help!!!

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My cat, Ally Katherine (a.k.a. Ally Kat) will be 4 years old in November. Recently...within the past 3 weeks, I have noticed that she will be squatting in areas. I thought she was starting to go potty out side the litter box, so I looked and the ares were always dry. Today, however, I saw her doing it and I thought I would watch her to see what was going on. I though maybe she picked up spraying (although she was fixed at 4 months). While I was watching her, I saw her drip about 3 drops of blood. At least it looked like blood. Can anyone help me with this?? I'm scared for my little girl! I will be calling the vet tomorrow.
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Please get your cat to a vet quickly,. She sounds like she is blocked, either by crystals or by something else. She needs medication- and an evaluation. Also when you bring her home, toss out the litter pans she has been using and put in new ones. Often they look at the pans and think the pans "hurt" them and they will avoid using them.
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Okay, thank you. I just realized yesterday what she was doing. I hope she's okay. As far as the litter, she seems to spend a lot of time in the box. Do you think it's because she's trying to go?
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Gracen, don't just hope she's OK, please get that cat to a vet NOW!! Cats with an obstructed urethra can die within 24 hours. Yes, it's because she's trying to go and can't. If she's obstructed, she's in pain, and her bladder is in danger of bursting. Go, NOW, please!!
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No worries, she is going to the vet today. I'm glad I finally saw what she was doing. I was told that she was probably just simulating spraying, but when I saw the blood late last night, I realized it's much worse.
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My cat had the same syntoms, the vet detected crystal obstruction, the good thing was that we only had to change his food, and now he is perfect, just act fast. My vet told me that Wiskas was the worst cat food brand of all, and that this was what caused the obstruction.
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Well, I feed my cat REALLY expensive food that only has people ingredients in it, but that could be the cause. Thanks for the advice!
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How is Ally Kat doing?
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Thank you for asking. She's is doing much better. There were no signs of crystals. The vet said she has a bladder infection. Her bladder and urethra (sorry) are inflammed. I have to give her glucosamine and Cephalexin drops 2 times a day. She isn't squatting around the house least not that I noticed and I don't see anymore signs of blood. She's still crying a lot...which has been her habit since she was a kitten...she talks to me. Thank you for asking. I want to post her picture, but I think it's too big.
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I am so glad that Ally Kat is doing better. You are a good cat Mom.
I haven't figured out the re-sizing pictures thing yet.
I hope people start posting help in the Announcments & Feedback forum.
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There's some easy freeware to resize pictures here:
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I have an update for you. I just heard back from the vet todayy and it turns out that Alley has E-Coli in her intestine. the Dr. said no worries, I just have to give her new medicine. The only thing is that it's a pill. She WON"T take it. I've tried everything! HELP!
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Have you asked your vet for a pill gun? It is fairly inexpensive (a few bucks) and it shoots the pill down her throat keeping your fingers from danger.

What I use when I pill my crew (they are mostly ferals) is spray cheese. I put a little tiny dot of cheese on the tip of my finger and while they are rest, I let them sniff the cheese, then hold it over their nose high enough they have to arch their head to get it. Once they take the "teaser" I spray my finger again, tuck the pill inside, spray a little more cheese and do the whole thing again. They take it like a champ. I used to use a pill gun, but the spray cheese is much easier on them and on me.

I am glad you took your kitty to the vet and they found out what is wrong. I would toss out your litter pans and buy new ones as well-
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Here in Taiwan, the vets all use a mortar and pestle to grind the pills into a dust. They then recommend that you add it into high grade baby food.

I don't know if this is recommended in other places, but it worked for us. Picky Mitts ate all of the mix and we gave him a bit of the baby food later as an incentive to remember that this stuff is good!
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Well, last night I tried your tips and none of them worked. I think Alley is too smart for her own good. I tried Tuna, ham, baby food and other things. Finally, I went to the last resort and got on the floor, opened her little mouth and made take her pill. She resisted a little bit, but finally worked
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Well done! sometimes the simplest way is the best. I wrap mine in a towel, put them on a table and hold them against my side, then open the mouth and kind of throw the pill as far back as I can. Hold hte mouth shut and massage the throat till they swallow. But it doesn't always work first time.
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Bobber is on antibiotics for two weeks and you have to pry her mouth open and she is a pill spitter, but I have a little piece of butter (like a tablespoon) that I rub the pill with and I can by myself have her take the pill. I also rub under her throat to get her to swallow so I know she took it. (only 23 more pills to go)
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