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Dreams and Wishes

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I was just wondering what everyone wishes or dreams about. i wish that i had a successful career. I wish I could be a vet. With the knowledge of veterinary medicine, i could gather some money and travel to Mexico to open a shelter there. Or at least, catch the dogs and cats that are homeless, give them shots, deworming, and fix them so they won't reproduce. It saddens me when I go to an outdoor taco place and I see a poor, thin dog hanging around looking for scraps to eat and the owners of the taco place shuing them away. Most Mexicans see dogs and cats as pests. The ones that do have dogs and cats don't bother to spay or neuter them, giving them shots, and proper nutrition. They just give them whatever the people have for dinner. Most people in Mexico are poor themselves. Though not too poor. They have their horses and ohter livestock. I've only seen a few purebred dogs. The rest are mixed. I've seen dogs mate alot. I want to educate the Mexicans on how to be responsible pet owners. I was talking to this guy and I told him that I would love to have a dog when I get a house. And he asks me if I would keep him in the house or in the backyard. I told him both. He says that dogs(and cats) are not good inside the house because of their hair. I told him most dogs and cats that leave hair are the real furry kind. But I told him that we can lessen the shedding by bathing the dog once a week and grooming him everyday for a half an hour. Also a good quality food. I've started a small campaign. The owners of the house were I live told me that some relatives have a cat with kittens. They asked me if I want one. I told them no. I also suggest if they don't want any more cats than to have the female spayed. They listened to me. And now that the local animal shelter here in Salt lake charges only $10.00 to spay or neuter a cat.

Here is another dream of mine. I had a beginning desire to volunteer at a shelter and learn how to train dogs so they can be adopted. There are many labrador mixed breeds and I am sure if they received proper training that they will be good guide or companion animals. I've seen it on tv. Or they can be therapy dogs. I want to learn how to place animals with the right people. Too many times, I've seen dogs who were abandoned because of poor training. I would like to foster dogs, especially those destined for life with the blind, deaf or other services.
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Nena10; I hope all your dreams come true. What sweet wishes to make the lives of the animals of a poor country easier. You are right; the key is in educating the people and you are taking that important first step in achieving your wishes and dreams; by continuing your education. Best of luck, Honey. My dreams have mostly been met and now all I wish for is to be able to make life easier for the people I love. (oh, and, maybe to have just ONE day without pain in my feet and legs; would be a nice bonus)
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Alicia, I was in Cabo San Lucas a couple years ago, and in this indoor/outdoor restaurant, I found these pups. Their mother was there too, and were well fed, but as I found out later, they had fleas and ticks. I was lucky not to have taken home either.

While these dogs were fat and looked healthy, right outside the door was a sad looking, skinny, mangy dog, just lying there looking so defeated I wanted to cry.

We fed her our "doggy bags", but I thought of her often after that.

Heres a pic of the pups and myself...don't laugh at my hair, we'd been snorkeling earlier!
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ooops, too big...trying again...
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Oh Cleo those pups are so cute...how sad that they had ticks and fleas!

Nena, you have such a big heart, and I hope your dreams and wishes come true for you!

I would have to say my dream is to have enough money to do some traveling, keep my bills all paid, and have a little extra, and also to be able to afford to start an animal shelter some day would be really great!!! (a no kill one of course) But that is just a dream right now.
I have alot of other wishes and dreams, too many to go into, but I wish their weren't people like Bin Laden in the world, for one.
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That's a very sweet and very attainable goal you have! I'm sure if you put your mind to it, you could do it.

My dreams are similar...I would like to have a lot of cabbage...dough, dinero... to donate to all animal shelters, but, I have alot of problems with trusting some of these folks. I've heard some really bad horror stories of shelters taking the money from people and creating much better salaries...etc for themselves. I'd like to see the monies used for the purposes of adoptions and care of the animals already there. I'd also love to see every faciltiy staffed and equipted fully for all the animals there and enough space for them to run and have fun and never see another animal euthanized again...but these are dreams and I'm human....so dream and dream and dream on I will.....
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I wish for enough. Enough for everybody and enough for each individual. Not so much that we get lazy or overwhelmed, not so little that we feel deprived or bored. Just enough.
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There oughta be a law against looking so drop dead gorgeous! What is your secret woman? And how many wolves are howling at your door lately?
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this is a tough one. I really love my life, and there's not much I would change, or wish for to be different. If I lost my job tomorrow I wouldn't complain. I've gotten to do more than I ever dreamed would be possible. I have had more than my share of good fortune, and I try and balance the karmic scales by doing whatever I possibly can to help others. I love my cats, but I don't have a desire to work with animals every single day. Music is my passion, and I love hearing all the new stuff months ahead of release. I love the process of developing artists. The first time I met Britney Spears she was in our office, an unknown artist, and they played us the 'hit me baby one more time' video and wanted to know what we thought. She was so quiet and respectful, addressing my boss as 'sir' (of course she was like 16 at the time) and now she's an enormous star and it was so interesting watching the whole thing unfold. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else with my life.

I hope that my life is always as full and satisfying as it is today. That my job continues to bring me joy and excitement. I don't know if I want to have childern or not. It's a shame that it's so hard on the woman to have a successful career and kids. I wish it were easier to have it all.

That's my dream/wish, to find away to have it all. To be the kind of mother who is always there for her kids, and who also has a fullfilling career.

has anybody already accomplished this? Is it possible? I would love any feedback.
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Gees Cleo!! Iwished my hair looked like that after ...anything!!! ha ha ha ha ha.... I look like right bean head when my hairs wet... Im all outta proportion!! (Like a pea on a drum!! ha ha ha)
As for my dreams/wishes... I have tons that aren't really serious.. like I would love to be an archaeologist etc etc... I would love to run a rescue centre/cattery (We've looked into that one though!) but alot of my wishes are pretty simple.. like I'd love to be able to play my violin properly again.... I'd love to have enough money to pay off our debts and all my families debts..... If I was ever that rich I'd buy my granparents a new house and get my Nan the best medical care money could buy. Theres soooo much I'd like to do with my life but I just won't have time for all of them... I'd love to be an Interior Designer, or a Nail Tech....I'd like to write a book....I'd like to learn a few languages properly... At the moment Im in the process of applying for an Interior Design course, which I would love to do.

Sorry AP - no good advice from me!! I don't even plan on having any kids and I still haven't suceeded in doing anything!
All the best to you!
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I only have one real wish/dream, everything else I can do without. I want a baby. I may not be able to have one, but I really want one.
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Thats really sweet Ady.... I hope it works out for you - I really do!! Sending baby prayers your way!!
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Thanks Rhea! Hopefully prayers will help - that is very sweet of you!
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No probs!!
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The doctors told me for years that I couldn't have a baby, at least not without big time medical assistance. So of course I got pregnant unexpectedly with no effort and had a pretty easy and uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. I don't mean to be nosy about it, I just know that the doctors don't know everything, and you never know what could happen.

I hope you have a baby someday too.
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Thanks Sunlion. We have been trying for over 3 years now. It is a medical problem & they are working on it, but who knows. I try not to get myself stressed by it, cause stress makes it worse.
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Oh Ady, I really hope you will have a baby someday, I will send up a big prayer for you....you will make such a wonderful mother!!!
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