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This week on the No More Homeless Pets Forum:

July 25-29: Spreading Spay/Neuter Fever
This week YOU are the forum guest! Have you found a way to break through resistance to spay/neuter, especially in a rural area? If so, we want to hear all about your success. Please share your best techniques for spreading spay/neuter fever!
You can send your stories and comments now through Thursday evening to Submissions may be edited for brevity or clarity. And please include your first name with your submission(s) so that credit can be given if your advice or experience is posted!

Related transcripts from previous forum weeks, including sections on Spay & Neuter, Working With Others and Community Outreach, can be viewed by visiting the forum archives at Original, unique perspectives that are new to the forum archives are mostly likely to be posted (with over 3,000 forum members we sometimes can't post every submission, although we try to forward a representative selection).

If all this talk of spay/neuter fever has you eager to do even more in your own community, please visit the spay/neuter section ( of our online Resource Library!