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New female spraying

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I know this has probably been covered, but I did search the forum and couldn't find an answer to my problem.
We adopted a beautiful 1 1/2 year old unneutered female ragdoll named Luna yesterday. She's either already in heat, or just going into it, since she's doing her little "I'm hot for you" dance. Of course we want to get her fixed as soon as possible since she seems rather uncomfortable. The vet looked at her today, gave her her rabies shot and said we had to wait 7-10 days before we have her neutered because her immune system had to recover from the shot first.
She was fine all night and all day today. In the last hour, however we have found her spraying twice, and in different spots.
We have 2 other cats in the house (one is male, fixed and the other is female, fixed), however they are blocked upstairs where they can't see each other. She CAN smell them however.
Mom's convinced that this will stop as soon as we get her neutered, but what are the chances? Should we be doing something right away?? We've never had a female spray before, and I'm not sure of the cause or actions thereof.
Her appointment for the opporation is August 11th, but we can have it done as soon as next Tuesday, which we're considering.
Any help at all? Thanks so much,
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Yes, whole females in estrus can and oftentimes do spray. Spaying her should stop the behavior.
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