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My "good deed" for the day

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A while ago, I bought a Drinkwell fountain for my cats. They ignored it. I left it running for several months, faithfully cleaning it and changing the water. They continued to ignore it. I gave it to my upstairs neighbours. They didn't like it. So I emailed the local cat rescue society, and offered it for one of their foster homes. The easiest way to get it to them was to drop it off at one of the vets they work with, which I did today.

The receptionist / tech at the animal hospital was very very appreciative, but the best part was that two of the foster cats who are staying at the vet's offices come out to greet visitors. One jumps up on the desk chair, the other stands in the doorway, just looking cute and checking out what is going on. Completely adorable cats, both of them. Elvis, the cat on the chair, just looked like he was about to start typing.

Now I am threatening my pair, if you don't show proper appreciation, I know cats that will LOVE that [whatever]. I think it's the cat equivalent of "eat your dinner, there are starving children in China".
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Aww thats so sweet of you! Im saving to get one for Fin to use.. I don't think Shadow will like it but hopefully one of them at least will use it..
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Great idea! How sweet of you!
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a very good deed. brightens my day!!!
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