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On Saturday I brought in Grizzly and Ox to the Vet.
My clinic has 6 vets and I got my fav. He couldn't believe OX was 15 yrs old-said his teeth/gums were outstanding for a cat that age. Might have ear mites-but wasn't sure w/o testing. His ear have bothered him but he doesn't like them touched. Commented on his matted fur which has gotten worse since summer started-I might as well cut the mats out as he doesn't like being brushed!!
As for Grizzly she has lost a lower fang-but it appears to have fallen out w/o any problems-he recommended a dental rinse. Any experience with this anyone??
We weight went down a little over 2 pounds!! It is now as 12 # 2 oz. I mark that up to Bakker chasing here around!!
He recommends however a bath to get rid of the greasy/dandruffy hair on her back. O joy!!!
So good news that day!!