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Is He Okay?

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Last night, I was talking on the phone and Rascal came into the room with one of those plastic rings that seals around milk and juice jugs. He was just playing with it, batting it. I didn't get alarmed until I looked at him and he had the ring seal in his mouth and had swallowed it. I dropped the phone and tried to get the ring out but it was already in his stomach. Will he be okay? Will he throw it up or pass it through the other end? He ate his regular food and water normally. I know better now than not to leave unedible things around the floor. Sometimes kittens are like small children. Thanks.
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I would keep a close eye on him for now and if he starts acting out of the norm give your Vet a call. But I think he will pass it
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you can go buy a small bottle of mineral oil and give him about 1/4 of a tsp in some wet food (mix it well) it will give him the runs for a bit, but it may help him pass it. I don't give my cats the milk ring for that very reason, they don't swallow it whole, but they do chew it up and eat it, so I just don't let them have it. Instead I crinkle up small balls of tin foil that they play with.
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Thanks. I never leave anything out, but sometimes, he finds them anyway. I try to let him play with other things like his mouse.
Thank you for the advice.
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