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pawing my nose?

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I just got a new kitten and he cuddles with me from time to time. I have noticed on occasion he will stare straight into my eyes....stretch his front legs and paws out on my chest and touch my nose a few times w/ his paw. Is this a good thing? I always heard that meant he felt like I was his mother or some part of the family. True?
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He's just sticking his paw in your face? That's pretty normal. My cats do that. I think the thing about the mother you mentioned is something else called "kneading", where they push back and forth with alternate paws, sometimes curling the paws while doing that. Nursing kittens to that to the mother's teat to stimulate milk flow.
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YYwill reach out and touch my face with her paw - in her, it is a term of endearment and I kiss her back. Unless your kitty has his claws out, I would take it as a compliment. He knows you're his meomy!!!
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i swear its them trying to stroke you.
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My Cleo does that when I'm sleeping and she wants me to wake up. She bats at my nose or eyes (without using claws thankfully) until I wake up and pet her. If that doesn't work she will resort to licking my nose.
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I have a cat that does the same thing expect he bats at my eyes
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I think it's cute. As a reaction though can't help to shut my eyes.
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My male kitten does that to me. The last couple of nights at about 5 am I've awakened to find him lying across my neck, purring loudly, and putting his nose in my nostril and mouth. I don't get that, but I figure he's showing some love lol. He just tonight discovered I have a tongue and he WANTS it. Uh oh.
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Yup, Oliver sleeps or naps next to my head and frequently paws at my face nicely... he has claw caps on, but i can tell his claws aren't out... I always take it as "I want you to know I'm here and I love you!" I love it and think it's adorable! He always gets pets and kisses back!
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Sophie stretches out her paw and puts it on my mouth, so i start giving her little paw pads kisses when its there

She also taps the side of my arm when i'm in bed as if to say " get up mum! " Awwwww
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Yep, that's what Smokey does. He will stretch out and touch my nose a few times with his paw. He has done it to my mouth too now that I think about it. I love it! it feels like a bonding moment lol!
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MY Smokie pokes at us too! And she also gives lots of kisses! Sometimes when she's kissing your nose or cheek, she'll put her paw on the side of your face. It's SO adorable!!
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Shylo used to do that, but he nibbles my arm. Smokey puts his paw on my eye and applies pressure, so when I go blind I know who to blame.
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