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Belly-up cats!

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Does anyone else have kits who do this?

I walk into a room and see Zorro or Snickers belly up, just staring into nothing. It's the most vulnerable position they can be in, which floors me, cuz Hammie (my "Predator") ALWAYS jumps out of nowhere to pick a fight with my belly-up cats!

I'd love to see if anyone else has "belly up" cats. I think it's the cutest thing they do.
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I guess this sorta qualifies as a "belly-up" pic, although it was really just a "funny sleeping position" pic:

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This isn't my cat, but when I visited a friend in Boiling Hot Arizona I was visited by one of her cats who layed in this provocative pose with me all night...

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Big, hairy bellies are Tucker's specialty! He does this all the time, keepin cool.
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Ha ha -- that "provocative pose" up there is really quite something!!
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Here's some




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heres Fins cute little belly i have some of shadow somewhere!

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Here are a few of my kitties.



And in synch. (Luvbug and Kuce).
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Heres Rosie's tummy!

........and Sophies

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do these count?
its as much belly as eeyore likes to show

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how about a bellie up puppy too?

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Hey, now, no fair! That last one is from the wrong branch off the evolutionary tree Katie LOL!
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Originally Posted by RoseHawke
Hey, now, no fair! That last one is from the wrong branch off the evolutionary tree Katie LOL!

LMAO..sorry I HAD TO SHARE..I mean..come on she wanted to be a kitty too!
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Dax demonstrating the ability of a 7 pound/3kg animal to take up a whole bed...

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Buster is famous for his bell-up poses. It always looks like he is posing for "lion of the month"
With hair:

Without hair:

Guess he taught his little step-sister Ally how to do it too...
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lol, mine never do that, or, if they do, they flip over when they catch me looking, so I can't get a picture of them. I think they know that if we see them lying like that, we'll be tempted to pet their bellies, and they don't like that. Willow will do it more than Buffy, but she's curved enough that it doesn't really count as a "belly up" pic (her belly may be pointing up, but her legs aren't, lol)

This is the closest I've gotten of Buffy (she's wearing an elastic bandage around her belly, which made for some funny poses)

Ooh, how's this for a belly shot?
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Iris frequently snoozes belly-up!

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Can never get enough kitty belly!
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So many adorable bellies!
Mini likes them all!
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Originally Posted by Me-n-my guys
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Abby has been sleeping like this a lot lately, especially in the heat.

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Here's Poodle:

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Its what he prefers.....flat on his back!
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I love all these belly up kitties. I want to give them all belly rubs. Here's my baby kitty belly up.

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