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osiris is behaving strangely

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I need some help , osiris has been acting funny and it is begining to worry me
I dont know if he has gotten into anything but here is what has been happening just recently i was housesitting and he got to come with me for the five days i was watching the house, he was fine but i noticed that after eating some moist cat food he started acting funny i was wondering could it have been the food? His behavior is this he will be fine one min and then he seems to stand still and slowly put his head down and he also flicks his tongue at a rapid rate he is eating and drinking and defacating ok. He hasnt been vomiting but the behavior is still continueing if this continues he will be going to the vet asap
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Could it be something is caught in his teeth and he is trying to get it out?
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he doesnt seem to be pawing at it, i was also wondering could he be acting this way due to teeth coming in?
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Depends on how old he is, but teeth coming in is, I suppose, a possibility. I would take him to the vet just to make sure there's nothing more serious going on.
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Hmmmm....I can't see anything unusual in what you described, but you're there and you know your cat, so if you think it's unusual and you're concerned about it, you've got a better handle on the situation than we do. If you're worried, a check-up at the vet is a good idea.
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i want to thank all of you for your advice on osiris, he is doing better he is still alittle shaky but he is playing more and seems to be getting his spunky attitude back he is more resposive to me now so iam not as worried I think being back at his own home has made a world of difference so once again thank you very much
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