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And here's a piece for departed parents.

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I didn't write this,but given the past couple of weeks with Mom's health probs it kinda hit home.

The hardest thing in life to bear,
Is to want your Mom and she's not there.
With a broken heart,
I whisper low..
"I love you Mom
and miss you so."
So put your arms around her Lord,
Treat her with your tender care.
Make up for all she suffered
and all that was unfair.
And if there's tea in Heaven,
Please make a cup for me.
Give it to my Mom Dear Lord,
And tell her it's from me.

BTW..Mom is doing better. She should be home within the next couple of days. But after all the tests they still don't know what caused the bleeding. All I can do is hope for the best.
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Wow, that really does put a lump in your throat.....
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Very much so Bodlover, but it makes me think of my dad. My dad's not dead but I know that is how I will feel when he does pass on.
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No, I don't think it's self-centered, it's just that you suffered a loss and can relate.
I wasn't close with my Dad, but I do hope I do see him again one day.
Honestly, I really am soooooo close to my Mother. I hate thinking about anything like that

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that made me cry. not a day goes by that I don't feel an ache in my soul for my mom. She suffered so much, and unfortunately those are the clearest memories I have.
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Lost them both myself. It's odd being nobody's child, even tho' it's been 18 years. They were young, but then, so was I. I know I'll see my mom again, I can only hope to see dad.
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Tiptop, you're not self centered. It's just that this kind of loss is so deep in the heart, that when you look at it you get sucked into the abyss and it's all you can see.
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By the way Wayne, I'm glad your Mom is home with you...good thoughts and pray are sent your way... Peace.

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She came home from the hospital today. Feeling much better tho she's tired and a bit weak. The boys are as delighted as me,Tac is curled up sleeping with her as I write this. Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers.
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Wayne; I am so happy for you that your Mom is home from the hospital. I have lost both my parents and the unexpected loss of my younger sister at the early age of 46, just 2 years ago; still does not seem real. . . .
Hold her close and love her a lot, KittyFoot. I know she is very lucky to have you. I am consoled with the fact that all my passed family are together and on the days when I feel the worst; I hope and pray that I can go be with them soon.
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Wayne, I'm really glad your mom is home and doing so much better.
Your poem hit close to my heart also, because I lost my mom 4 years ago, and dad just a little over a year ago. It is really hard, and I sometimes still feel lost without them.
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Wayne, I'm so glad your mom is home and feeling better. That's really good news.
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What a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it. I lost my mom when I was 19 and my dad 4 years ago so it too hit close to home. Glad to hear your mother is back home where she belongs.
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Well when you told me this evening about this poem I told you that I could not go read it right now. But changed my mind and did so. It is a very pretty poem and I think that I will print it out. Thanks for sharing it baby!!!

Everyone...see I just got home this evening from going through "some" of my Mom's stuff. It will take lots of trips to her home to get this done but my sis and I have put it off since she died in June.

It was hard looking through the things she had kept and throwing away so much of it. But somehow this poem made me feel better as she loved tea and I can picture her in heaven yelling "where's my tea"! She couldnt hear well so always yelled..lol

Thanks again baby,
Kiss from Kitten
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