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New Member!

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Hi, my name is Frankie and i'm 14. I have 2 cats. One of which is my mums (11 year old Herbert) and 1 of which is my own (8 month old Trixi). I thought i'd introduce myself and my cats.

Herbie is about 11 years old. We ahve had him for 3 years as we got him from a rescue centre. He has hardly and teeth and is very grumpy. He was extremley thin and scraggy when we got him, now he is very very fat. Here is a pic:

Then we have Trixi. Shes 8 months old (birthday is 2nd November) and we've had her since February. She was my brithday present and i love her very much. She is very playful and a bit naughty. She scratches me quite alot because she likes to play with my feet (which really hurts!) Her and Herbs don't really get on very well simply because she is very forward. She will go and leap on him, he turns around and gives her a thwack but she still won't go away, she keeps tagging along and plays with his tail. She has a fascination with tails as she doesn't have one of her own. Shes a manx crossed with a DSH so her "stump" is a bit odd shaped. Here are a few pics:

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Hi there!

Nice to meet you and your furry family!!

Welcome to TCS!
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Hi Frankie! Welcome to TCS! Trixi is an adorable little cutie pie and it sounds like she has the purrsonality to match! Bless your mum for rescuing Herbert and getting him good and healthy!
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Hi Frankie, welcome to this wonderful site...Your furbabies are really cute, thanks for sharing them with us.
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Hi and Welcome cute family
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Welcome to TCS.

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welcome to TCS
ur fur babies are realy cute and how good of you to rescue poor herbert
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Welcome! Enjoy the information the site brings. Your babies are adorable
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Thankyou every one!

Yes Herbie wa sin bad condition. He was very scraggy and he would constantly lick himself in the same place till it was red and bleeding. Since we got Trixi he hasn't done that at all! Nobody rescued him because he is black and they were superstitious. I'm superstitious and not many people realise that black acts are good luck on everyday except Friday the 13th! So we're lucky to have him!
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Hi Frankie, and Welcome to TCS!!!!
Love your pics! are absolutely fantastics!
See you on the forums!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!
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Hello and welcome!!!!
Awww, your kitties are so cute!!

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Welcome to TCS

awwww bless you & your Mum in rescuing Herbet - I just adore black kitties glad to hear that he is now being spoilt as he so deserves

Trixi is gorgeous as well - kittens are just so precious

welcome again from me & my boys
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Hello and Welcome!
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Welcome to TCS. I'm 15.
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