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Here's a little grin..

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that I found in a community paper. The Horse Folks might chuckle over this especially.

A Blonde got 2 horses from a nearby ranch,but couldn't tell them apart. She went to a neighbour for some advice and he told her to cut off part of one horse's tail. She did this,but the next day the other horse got his tail caught in the barbwire fence and she had to cut his tail too. Back to the neighbour she went. This time he suggested she cut a little nick in a horse's ear to identify it. She did this,but sure enough the other horse got caught in the fence,nicking the same ear. Frustrated she asked the neighbour for a SURE FIRE way of telling them apart. He thought a minute and told her to simply measure the height of the two horses. Turned out that the black horse was 2 inches taller than the white one. :tounge2:
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I don't get it...
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HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha.... (ok ok I know its not a horse...buts as close as I could get alright?!!! )
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The girl was worried about telling the difference between the two horses(think of identical twins)she bought -she tried to make it easier by clipping ones tail so they would look different, and then nicking its ear, but the other horse would do something so it ended up looking the same as the first again. The punchline is that one horse was black and one was white..not exactly identical to begin with. :LOL: Remember, the gal was a blonde :laughing:
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hahahah! :LOL::LOL: Melissa!!! That's so funny! Of course I got it silly! hahaha! I just thought it would saying I was a blonde (which I'm really not, not that blondes are stupid!!!) hahaha! Thanks for the explanation though!!!! hahaha! You're too funny!!! killing me!!!

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LOL!:LOL: I was going to add at the end..'sure you aren't a blonde?' but decided aginst it :laughing:Oh well...theres the explanation, a la me, in case theres someone who actually doesn't get it. Excuse the brain pause on my part
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Thanks Wayne....I needed a grin today!
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HA HA HA HA!!!!:laughing2: :laughing2: :laughing2 HA HA HA!!!!
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here's how blonde I am...I tell the joke to my hubby and begin it with .."This blonde buys 2 brown horses from a ranch" I didn't figure out that I said it until he didn't get it. Duh! Big Red Truck!!
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:LOL::LOL: I thought I was the only one that screwed up jokes! :LOL::LOL: Now I don't feel so alone!!!!! hahahaha!

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