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Thoughts and Prayers for my Dad

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Hey everyone...had a pretty good talk with my dad over the weekend. He is doing fairly well now, and the stroke seems to not have effected him at all (he had it back in Feb.). He is going into the hospital on Wednesday for surgery...a pacemaker and some type of defibulator (sp?)...could you please spare some good thoughts and prayers! They really do work wonders around here!
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Glad your father is doing better following that stroke .
Sending your father good thoughts and vibes for a successful surgery and wonderful recovery {{{{{}}}}}.
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I am sending good vibes your way!

Hope everything works out well!
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Prayers are sent for your dad.
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Many thoughts and prayers for your dad and you.
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Good thoughts and vibes heading out to your father and your whole family!
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Sending my {{{{{{{{{{{{{{VIBES}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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Your father has been added to my prayer list. Best wishes to you & your family.
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You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Best wishes and good vibes!
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Candie excellent news Your dads still in my thoughts
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Good thoughts and prayers + big Candie's dad.
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Vibes on their way!! Hope all goes well for your Dad.
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Hope all is well sweets, I know how precious your Dad is to you!!!
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Awww vibes flying your Daddas way!
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Thanks everyone! I sent him a little card in the mail yesterday letting him know that I will be thinking and praying for him more tomorrow. I am little nervous because well...hospitals make me nervous and well...I really don't have to explain...I am just scared out of my wits.
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Best wishes for a soon recovery for your Dad Dear Candie!
Thougths and prayers too!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Best wishes for a soon recovery for your Dad Dear Candie!
Thougths and prayers too!

Rigel..thanks. Unforuntately, my father will have this for the rest of his life. This is just to help him prolong his life.
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My dad had one of those pacemaker/defibrillator things installed three years ago. It's wonderful, he knows that if he has some sort of cardiac "event', this little machine can save his life.

The surgery is very very straightforward. They only tricky part is installing the leads, and they are so experienced at that, you don't have to worry. Of course, every surgery has some risks, but this is way less serious than bypass, or other cardiac procedures.
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Thanks Sammie5 for the words of encouragement.

Beware major venting will take place...:I feel like I went to hell and back yesterday. It was a nightmare. My stepmother went to the hospital and they were going to release him sometime in the afternoon. In the meantime, they were discussing a lawsuit that my stepmother is involved with (she's the victim) well...they started arguing and she left him there at the hospital. What a quarrel!! So, he's stuck at the hospital and has NO ride home. This may not seem to big of a deal...but my father just had heart surgery and having an argument can't be good for him?!!?!? Ugh! I was, well still am pi$$ed at her! She had the nerve to call my sister, who is 17 and just got her driver's license to drive 2 hours to the hospital in rush hour traffic. What kind of mother would do that?! So, my dad in the meantime has contacted me to come pick him up, so I told him I would do that, I knew I wouldn't get home til midnight...I was stunned by my stepmother's childish ways...oh wait! No, I'm not...because she acts like this all the time....but not this bad. In the meantime, my sister is crying because she doesn't want to get killed on one of Houston's major freeways...I take the 6 hour drive to go out of my way to pick my dad up from the hospital, take him home and come back home myself. Sigh...Sorry for the vent...all I can say is that I got to talk to my father alot in the car and we actually cleared some things up that needed to get cleared to make our relationship better. I feel sorry for him to have married a lady that doesn't even truly care for my father and my two half-sisters. What can you do? I've opted to just be there for them and not say one nasty remark to her. But, it just hurts, you know what I mean?

About my father's condition...he says his heart is doing good with it. He actually has color in his face, the only thing that hurts him is the swolleness of the device, it looks someone stuffed a baseball in his chest. Needless to say, I threw up thinking about it before bed this morning. I feel like I've been through an emotional ringer 10 times through. My dad won't have the ability to do the things he once did with us when we younger, the medicine and these devices will just prolong his life. Does anyone else here take 16 different meds a day? I was shocked by this...ok, I'll stop ranting I'm not getting anywhere doing this. Thanks for listening and praying, you guys are the best!
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Oh Candie. I'm shocking at advice and comforting words, but please do remember your Dad and your family have my thoughts!
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Hoping everything goes well, and your dad is in my thoughts!
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