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Just wondering....

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This isn't really isn't a behavior issue, just something I've witness a couple times with Katie and I'm wondering what others think. Over the weekend all three of the cats were hanging out in the living room, when Pete decided to bug Gracie. (After almost 6 months, she tolerates him but that's about it). She didn't want any part of it and assumed her defensive position then hissed and whacked him with her paw. For the first time, Pete stood up to her and went back after her. They started rolling around on the floor together, more like playing then fighting, then backed off with their ears back looking like they were ready to pounce. Then came more hissing from Gracie, and Pete looking like he was ready to make a move. Before that happened, Katie, who'd be watching from a chair, jumped down, ran over and got in between them. She growled a little, the other two backed down and Katie went back to her chair.

Katie did something similiar a few years ago, when Gracie encountered my former neighbor's two young females in the hallway of our apartment. All three were hissing etc... when Katie came to the door of my apartment and growled. The three younger cats scattered and Katie went back inside.

I'm wondering, could she sort have been asserting her authority as the older female cat and telling the kids to "knock it off," or am I reading too much into her behavior? Has anyone else seen this with their cats?
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Sure sounds like she is acting like the wise one !!!
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I don't know....I think it's just a case of wanting to get in on the action. I have three cats, too, and I've noticed that if two cats start playing, the third cat pricks up his ears in full alert and often runs off to join in the fray.

Maybe your Katie is the dominant cat and when she ran over to get in on the fight, the other two, being subordinate cats, just automatically backed down, and so the fight ended.

I don't know that you need to read any kind of refereeing into it.
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