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Lighting a candle for Mawser-

His story is here:

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Rest in peace sweet Mawser.
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i'm sorry for your loss
but he lived to a good age he thanx you for that
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So sorry about your lose of loved one. I know he was a part of the family and now you feel alittle empty. So sorry
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R.I.P Mawser!
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oh sweet precious Mawser you are no longer in pain little one - watch over your family who love you and miss you terribly.

Words escape me tonight, and i wish I could say something to ease the heavy heart you must have

Mawser had an amazing long life - that just shows how wonderful you were to him. He is watching over you now awaiting the day that you will meet again - until then he will play healthly and happily at the rainbow bridge chasing the butterflies....

enjoy those angel wings little one

RIP angel Mawser
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