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Just wanted to run this by people and see what they thought: (long post sorry)

My Nico (about a fourteen months old now, neutered) is a very cuddly kitty most of the time- in the mornings he wants to pet and roll all over the bed with me and most of the time he likes a rub or to sit on my lap. He's affectionate, likes to be around me, and even allows me to clips his claws and other intimate grooming/touching with little annoyance.

As he's gotten older though it seems like he's been adopting more and more "spoiled" agressive behavior. Like sometimes his play gets really rough all of a sudden and he'll attack my hand, biting and clawing and making angry cat noises. If I walk away from it- he leaps after and goes for my leg! He'll also bite and scratch and make angry noise if I try and shoo him or pick him up and he doesn't want to move (he tends to lie in doorways which can be troublesome).

I am not so worried about the aggressive behavior so much as the level he takes it to- he can go from affectionate petting to growling-attack-claws-deathgrip in a second with little warning.

I am wondering if this is normal behavior for a "teenage" male cat (I've only had females until now)? I am sure this is partially my fault for playing with hands with him as a kitten sometimes. When he attacks, I don't try to pull away- rather I go motionless, then try to unlock him and take on a dominant position to him (simply show him I'm bigger and can end his attack fairly easily) and then walk away.

Anyone have any similar experiences? Does anyone have any good ideas to curb this very hair-trigger aggression in an already grown cat?

Maybe its just a "guy" thing.