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Originally Posted by bumpy
This would be off-topic but do remember it is always prudent to do some estate planning, which includes drafting will, whether one is married or not.
Hear, hear.
Short thread hijack....
I work with Medicaid clients who are in nursing homes or have in-home care, and I have heard some horror stories about the messes after people pass away. I've also learned a lot about estate law, estate planning and inheritance from work and personal experience...it's really hard for the heir(s) when someone passes away with out a will, so PLEASE follow Bumpy's advice and have a will drawn up. I'm pretty sure that you can write one up yourself and have it witnessed and notarized. Even if you're young, it's a good idea...you never know what might happen.
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I think it's a personal thing. I have no intention or reason to move inwith my man right at the moment. I want to spend some time on my own before I settle down, but that's how I feel and only you can say how you think you will do. I have seen it fall apart and I have seen it work splendidly...and these same results would be present for couples that DON'T live together. So go live it up, girlie! Only you know what's right for you!
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