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1960's dinner party food

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need your help again guys!!!

what did people eat in the 60's? my suggested recipe and menu ideas for my bday party are lentil soup, chicken in mushroom sauce and angel delight!

as i dont like mushrooms and my guests probably wont eat lentils what else is authentically 1960's?
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TV dinners! How about making them yourself? Individual plates of fried chicken, veg-all (mixed veggies) and mashed potatoes and don't forget the little portion of dessert - like a brownie or apple cobbler. You can set up on TV trays and watch an old movie or recording of an old sit-com.
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Here are some ideas and recipes!

The Sustar Cookbook

The Food Timeline

More from the timeline!

If it comes to the crunch, you could always feed your guests Spam Fritters! Then some Blamonge!

Hope these help you a little!
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I have no idea's Niki, but what a great idea for a party!

Make sure you post pics of what you make ...
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its a murder mystery party set, i'll try to find a link...

ah, here we go:

I am 'Kitty Killer', the journalist and secret agent. mwahahaha!
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I like the TV dinner idea. Wasn't fondue in the 60's? Or was that the 70's? I had a fondue birthday party for dd last December, and it was VERY FUN!
I think Tang came out in the 60's. That could be the drink. Its like an orange juice type drink from powder. And space food sticks, but I don't think you can get them any more.
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I LOVE the tv dinner idea!

I was just a child during the 60's, so the only parties that I actually went to were family events and children's birthday parties, but, I remember punch being served everywhere (I have a great recipe if you'd like it).

Keeping in mind that this could be a regional thing from Ohio, the foods that I can remember being very common at parties are as follows: Pigs in a blanket (stuffed cabage), fried chicken, plain potato and macaroni salads, crackers with cheese balls and fake pate made from liverwurst (I think), Deviled Eggs, celery stuffed with cream cheese, potato chips and green onion dip, bowls of nuts, cream puffs, and jello molds were often served.
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these ideas are really good, keep them coming!!
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TV dinners were created in the late 50's but I guess they became more creative in the 60's. I was a child in the 60's so all I remember liking are pop and chips, lol And Tang!! You HAVE to serve tang. Also that instant pudding if you can find it, lol Remember you got the container and then you shook the instant powder and milk. Ewww! But it tasted OK then, Gawd!!

Jello molds were big then, ughh!! But you could be creative, heheh

The decorations could be fun - smiley face plates, wear a paper dress - mini skirt of course with go go boots and a tie dyed Tee shirt. And play music from the 60's.
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i dont think we have tang here in the uk

the dessert we have is called angel delight.

what about pop rocks popping candy? was that 60s?
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I was born in '59. As a child of the '60s, I remember eating a LOT of meatloaf. Veggies came in cans, pretty much all the time. An ocassional salad was the extent of fresh veggies. I think that cheese that squirts out of a can was out then. That would be a good appetizer on Ritz crackers.
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Chicken Divan. Casseroles for dinner parties were the height of elegance. Green beans with almonds. And an absolute must would be a jellied salad, or a tomato aspic. Appetizers were things stuck on toothpicks, so cubes of cheese with a cube of pineapple, and maraschino cherry, for example.

Dessert, angel food cake, Lemon meringue pie.

Fondue is a 70's thing. And TV dinners were big in the 60's, but not for a dinner party. Tang was also a 60's thing, but again, not at a dinner party. Martinis were big, that's one thing that will help you survive the rest of the 60's cuisine.
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I'd gowith many things listed here, pigs in a blanket and that lipton onion soup with sour cream dip to start. Dinner could be fondue or some sort of casserole like tuna, served with chips. People didn't drink wine as much as now, the CA wine industry was small, so I would go with cocktails.
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I wouldn't have a clue that was AGES ago!
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I remember parties my sisters/Mom would make snacks for would include the toothpick stacker thing. She would slice vienna sausage, cheese cubes, a chunk of a sweet gherkin pickle.
Can't really remember any other thing, but maybe some ham salad on bread and cut into 4 squares, or use cookie cutter shapes.
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Foods very popular in the 60's:
TV Dinners
Salisbury Steak
Swedish Meatballs
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Tang or koolaid to drink. Also had a lot of root beer back then.

For appetizers: sour cream with onion soup mix served with potato chips and pretzels.

Starter: Canned fruit cocktail

For soup: chicken noodle (a classic in any age)

Entree: Any kind of beef type roast like pot roast or a rolled rump roast.

Sides: mashed potatoes and gravy plus mixed veggies (carrots, peas, beans)

Dessert: Layer cake - probably white with chocolate frosting

I just remember very basic meat and potato meals. Little work was ever done for the appetizers, starters or dessert in my household.
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Why don't you have a Mystery Menu dinner party? Those are always a blast and it fits your theme-

You just line out what you are having, including utensils, straws, toothpicks, napkins, plates glasses etc. Once you have your real menu and everything that you need to make the dinner you come up with mystery names for everything- put that on a big board, number the entries and the guests get to choose 1-5 items- they may get the entree, but not the plate, they may order a toothpick, and a straw, but not be able to figure out the names of the beverages. It is a real hoot to watch people get their choices and then try and figure out how to best eat it-
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MA, that sounds like so much fun!
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What an excellent idea, MA! That sounds like such fun!

For the 60's party, how about Fondue?
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