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Intoducing new kitties to a new momma

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While my female kittie, snuggle was expecting her first litter of kittens, I was waiting on getting my two new 4 month old female kittens. The date of getting the new kitties kept getting post poned. My snuggle ended up giving birth too 5 beautiful kittens and two days later was the date of pickup for the 4mo old kitties. I have never done a formal introduction with cats and everything always went well, but now that the 4mo kitties are coming out of hidding the momma cat is fighting with them. So i was reading you forum on itroducing cats, but how do i go about it with a cat with new kittens, I cant switch off rooms, she has to stay in the same room! Please Help, getting rid of any of the kitties is not an option! Thanks
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Is the mum still nursing the kittens? If so, I would hold off intros for that period by keeping them in completely separate rooms or areas of the house. She doesn't need any additional stressors.

Is she getting spayed as soon as the kittens are weaned? She can get pregnant right away again so its a good idea.
And then when the kittens are a large enough weight, they can also all be done as well. Are the new 4 month old kittens s/n already or are you waiting until 6 months?
Perhaps your vet has a discount for neutering all the cats/kittens in one go!?

I am no expert on introducing all those cats at one time though..So hopefully someone will be along to help with the transition
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The kittens were just born on July 19, As far as the spay, I do plan on getting her spayed, she was a inside cat, and the pets sitter let her out when i went on vacation! As far as my two new kittens, no i do not plan to spay them, they are cfa registered and I plan to breed them. I am not sure about waiting to introduce them until she is done nursing that will be atleast two months, I can not keep them seperate for that long! Thanks for the advice though, and more advice is very much appreciated!
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