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Names Jason, currently owned by 4...

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Hello, I am new here, My name is Jason, I'm 19 and live in Central Indiana.

I have many animals, 4 cats, 2 dogs, 50 ducks, 4 geese, and no, i do not live on a farm, nor do the birds live in my house, they live on our pond.

I also have fish.

I have always been a cat lover, but just now found this forum. I do not have a preference dog vs. cat as I view them both as good in their own ways.

Dogs: Appear more loyal and in NEED of affection... especially my older sheltie Riley... has NEVER left my side through anything and I love the little lassie. Easier to train

Cats: More intelligent, deeper, different love than dogs give. Something more respect-worthy in their appearance and behavior. More independent, yet still loyal.

I enjoy all of my animals for different reasons.

About my cats

Tiger: 11 Year old Maine Coon/Bobcat cross, I call him a pixie bob, although he is by no means a purebred. Breeding was "accidental" He weighs in at a whopping 30lbs in the winter, and about 27 in the summer for whatever reason. He even in his older age, hasn't decided whether he's a lap cat or an independent one. He will be all around obsessed with your attention for a few hours, and then be on his own and not willing to accept much attention the next. A good 75% of the time he's all about attention. He appears much like a maine coon, but has pixie-bob personality traits, and oddly enough a decently long tail. He has the spotted belly, the hairy wide face, and build of the bobcat, yet the hair and markings of a maine coon. Great cat I love him to death

Oliver: Newest male addition, 1 year old...My girlfriend gave him to me for my birthday, he is an Orange tabby. He's short-hair, with snow boots and a white chest, and white on the tip of his tail in rings. Has a collar and gold tag just like Oliver from Oliver and Company (ok so it's pathetically childish, I love him) He is a scaredy cat, but ALWAYS enjoys my attention and sleeps on anything that has my scent, no matter what it is.. (or how good it smells...) Sleeps at my feet under the covers.

Rascal: My old man, cranky old guy, at the age of 14 he is a heavy one. Not sure of his exact weight, but all my buddies call him meatball and say he is the fattest cat they have ever seen... yeah yeah yeah make fun of my little solider. He loves to pee in the corners even though there are 4 cat boxes in the house, and he loves attention. He has ALWAYS been a lover and enjoys sitting on your chest and making bread. At his old age, he cries when you pick him up and he has SOME arthritis. For his age though, he acts about like a 10 year old obese cat would. He is the BOSS of the house amazingly enough.

Newest addition: No name.. the female calico cat... I am guessing 2 years old... I got her yesterday at my friend tracy's lake house while we were catchin minnows to go fishing... she sort of adopted me. I believe she is pregnant and she is the most affectionate cat on the planet. She is currently on my lap as I am typing making bread on my boxers. Beautiful calico markings... gray tan and white... Evenly-marked face... but a tan chin. Tan spots on gray ears... short-medium hair.. with medium-long haired tail... !?? She's my little lovergirl, I may end up giving her to one of my best friends and visiting her often.

Dogs.. Riley and Casey... Riley is a male 7 year old sable and white miniature collie as people call them... but they are really called shelties. Casey is my mentally handicapt rescue dog... she is blue merle and 4 years old... She isn't severely mentally handicapt, but she occasionally runs in to things, and is very, VERY timid. She was hit in the head with a metal pipe when she was a puppy and suffered brain damage. She is, however trained to shake and sit, and is very friendly when she softens up to you. Riley knows 20 something tricks and he is her boyfriend. Although I think Riley could live without her, Casey depends on him very much. Riley is my boy, casey just sort of follows him around and loves him. I love them both the same.

Thats enough rambling for now, I really like the friendly nature of this forum, and look forward to learning, and maybe teaching somebody a thing or two!

- Jason
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Welcome and oh my word, that's a lot of animals... I thought 3 cats were too much! Anyway, we're glad to have you here!
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Hello, and welcome to TCS...
And I thought my 6 were a handfullllll.....
I also have a sheltie, about 4 months old...
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Wow, you have quite the large fur....and feathered family!!

Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome!!!!
Can't wait to see pics of your furbabies!!

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howdy and welcome. i'm from the evansville area.

yes i can use capital letters but the keyboard is acting up and should be replaced.++
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Welcome to TCS

wow what a brilliant introduction I feel like I know every one of your kitties now!!

so glad you joined us - looking forward to getting to know you
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Welcome! What a nice introduction!
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Wow you have your hands full.......LOL

Welcome to The Cat Site

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Wow!! What a big family you have!! I hope you will be sharing some pics soon! Welcome to TCS!!
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