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How do I get rid of fleas?

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I have three cats aged 10months - 1 year old.

The past week I have noticed fleas on two of them, also Tammy's litter is now 3 weeks old and they are crawling with them too.

It makes me feel sick that It is probably down to me that they have got them, but I dont know how.

They are all indoor cats.

How can I treat them all cheaply and safely (considering the little ones are ony 3 weeks old).

I will be greatful of any advice

Also will I need to treat my carpets etc?


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Cheaply and safely - key words. I would call the vet and see what they say since the kittens are so young, you know? As for treating the carpets - yes, treat the carpets, wash blankets, etc that they might come in contact with, etc... they sell sprays to get rid of fleas, you just spray everywhere. Make sure they're pet safe first. Good luck, I hate fleas!
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the little ones and the mother need to be treated at the vet. they can use frontline spray and it works out pretty cheap.

the only effective flea treatment i've found is frontline, my cats fleas seem to be immne to anything else!

Fleas on young kittens is very serious, they can cause anemia and dehydration and kill the babies. ring yor vet asap for an appointment and whilst your waiting pick as many off the babies as you can with a pair of tweezers dropping the fleas in soapy water to kill them.

Wilkinsons or your vets can sell you a home flea treatment.

Dont feel bad, the fleas could have already been in your house before you moved, come in on your clothing or on one of your other cats when they were new or if they escaped.

you'll also need to boil wash any kitten bedding.
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When i first brought Rosie home i found a flea on her so gave her the Frontline, and the what i used to treat the house was also from the vet which was a spray called " No Kill ".

It was expensive but once sprayed it lasts a full year.
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