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Now we know. Monday's DO suck.

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I never thought that I'd be posting in here anytime soon, if not ever. But here I am. Not one of my cats, but one of the four strays we feed and watch out for.
There are two siblings we knew since they were wee little babies. They ate our food, listened to us as we talked to them, but they were feral and would never let us touch them. Soon enough they grew up and ended up having babies together. They had two beautiful babies but they were just as afraid of us as they were. But we fed them anyway.
This morning (few minutes ago) my mom was getting ready for work as usual, I was still up. Everything went normal until she was getting in her truck. I was inside an I went back to surfing the internet when she came barging in the front door with tears in her eyes. She called my name pleading "I didn't do it, I didn't!". I was immedietly floored. My first thought was my cat Little One being injured because we had just let him out. As she led me outside I saw it was not Little One, it was Dominoe. We named him Domino because he had two big black spots on his side and the rest is white (looks like a domino).
I don't really know what exactly happened because my mom was hysterical. I tried calming her down and she said that when she came out the mom cat was meowing really loudly so she talked to her a bit and my mom went on her way As my mom back up from the driveway she saw something that looked like a newspaper. She finally realized it was a kitty.
We're thinking this is how it happened: Domino is in the street along with momma kitty and brother, Snowball. Vehicle comes down the street and doesn't see Domino (it's still dark). Domino get's hit. Either Domino pulls himself to the driveway under my mom's truck or Momma kitty drags Domino to the place under my mom's truck. Either, I guess would be possible. My mom backs up and discovers him.
I know that my mom didn't run over him because he's not squished, you can tell he was hit in the head. And where he was laying was inbetween the tired and not parallel with a tire.
But all in all it doesn't really matter who did it or how it happened. We have to deal with it and mourn Domino's loss with joy that wherever he is now, he's got to be playing and running around like a joyful kitty again.
Being 16, I feel that I had to be my mom's comforter, she was hysterical and you would've thought it be the other way around. As strong and pulled together as I was when we put his still warm body into a bag, I'm crying a river right now and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop any time soon.

We are planning to bury him in our backyard when my mom gets home. I haven't broken it to be dad yet because he's still asleep. He loved these kitties and I'm afraid of how he'll handle it.

Poor Domino, I hope he's happy now wherever he might be.

We loved you.
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I just wanted to say I am so very sorry for what you're going through right now. I've been in that same situation a few times, and it's never easy. I never really know what to say, except that your family, and little Domino and his family, are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care...
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I am so sorry for your tragic loss. Keep your spirits up by knowing that this baby knew he was loved...
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I'm sorry too for your heartache. RIP sweet Domino. He will be looking over you and thanking you for caring all this time. Bless his little family too.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. Because of you, this little feral guy knew love. RIP Domino.
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I know it feels as if your heart is breaking, but you gave this little guy all the love he knew in his life. He'll never forget that on the other side. RIP Domino angel
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I'm sorry your family has to go through this.

RIP Dominoe.
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I am so sorry for your loss. How very upsetting for your Mom to be the one to find him. I am very sad for your family, to lose this beautiful boy.
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How tragic!, I'm so sorry for your loss
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I'm so sorry about your loss. RIP sweet little guy.
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I am so sorry. Just like you said its no ones fault to blame. But the kitty sure was loved and well taken care of thanks to your family helping and feeding strays
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My condolences to you and your family for your tragic loss. Bless you for taking care of this precious baby & his family. At least he entered Heaven with a name & knowing the love of a family. and his little body is being given a proper resting place, not just neglected on the side of the road. You are right, Domino is once again, playing happily and free, a kitten forever. Please tell your mom that everyone here at TCS is thankful the she is such a wonderful person to care so much for a little mama-kitty & her babies, and to have raised such a wonderful, compassionate daughter who has such quiet gentle strength in times of crisis. God Bless, Susan
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I am a bit late with adding my condolences to your loss - please know that I am so very sorry to hear of Dominos passing. But I have no doubt at all that Domino is happy at the rainbow bridge - you and your parents were his angels here on earth and now he is your angel from above. He will watch over you, and love you, and cherish you all. He will be waiting at the RB until that day when you meet again.

Domino sweetheart - know how much you were loved and adored by your family - play healthly and happily little one - chase those butterflies and run through the fields.

RIP Domino - you will be greatly missed
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