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So, now what do I do

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First off, I have 2 rescue cats living with me right now. A two year old male named Donny and an 11 month old female named Chade.

I went up to the local high school track to walk bleachers and walk the track. This track is right by a freeway. There are houses around but none close.
I was met by this little kitty crying pitifully. I spoke to it and tried to be heartless (my dh will kill me if I bring home another cat) and headed for the bleachers. Well that didn't work. When I continued talking to it, it came up to me and followed me out to the car.
The upshot is, it is now home with me in my laundry room. I just couldn't leave it out at the track to the fate of who knows what. It appears well cared for at some point, but hasn't had food in awhile. And it is well accustomed to people. It comes when you talk to it. And it lets you pick it up.

So, now I have to find a home for it. My question is, is my vet the best resource? Do I call the local Humane Society?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Dotty first off, get it to the vet and have it scanned for a chip. It could just be lost (though it was probably dumped) I am always amazed at how many people dump cats off at schools! I guess they figure some kid will fall in love with the cat and give it a good home-
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Thank you.
I'll make the vet call the first thing I do tomorrow. And he may have heard if anyone is missing a kitty.
The little fellow is so adorable and so sweet, I can't imagine him being dumped. It really tears me up that people mistreat these helpless creatures.
I couldn't stand the thought of him getting run over by a car on the freeway.
And although I know I can't keep him, I'm determined to find him a good home with a responsible owner.

He's been in my laundry room with not a peep out of him. My other two talked the entire time when they first came home.

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I took him to the Animal Services in the city I found him. They will keep him for 72 hours for the owner to call or visit. Then they will test him for diseases and put him up for adoption. He's so sociable and eager to interact that he should have no problems finding a home. Maybe not the perfect solution. But after calling around and finding all the shelters to be "full", it was the best one for him.
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Just to be sure, maybe you should call and check on him daily. 72 hours isn't much time to get adopted in kitten season! Good luck!
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I would check on him often. Since there are so many kittens sometimes it takes awhile for them to be adopted. And you wouldn't want them to put him down because they can't find him a home.

Great job getting him to safety!
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