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Mother cat is dying....

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So my cat Phoebe had kittens nearly two weeks ago. She's less than a year old and really small. Yesterday everything was normal and she was her typical loving self. Starting early this morning she was off to herself in a corner acting like she was dying, and leaving abnormally large feces. She's ignoring her kittens and her stomach is lumpy. As I'm not able to take her to a vet....we called and the vet said she's not completely sure but there may be another kitten inside, so take her or have her "put down".

Does anyone else have any experience with this type of situation or would know the signs a little more in detail? Also...I'm not sure if it's an actual kitten or maybe just the placenta of the last one. All comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
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Why can't you get her to a vet? Surely your vet will accept payments to examine her? She could have a kitten inside of her and she will absorb IF it is a kitten, but that isn't a good thing without a vet at least examining her. Get her in and get her seen!
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Is she nursing and caring for the kittens at all? If not, are you bottling them and making sure they are eliminating? This is a life-threatening situation, if not for the Mom cat then certainly for the babies! You must find a way to get her in - if you are forced to euthanize her, are you prepared to hand rear those kittens???

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My mom's stomach was lumpy and still is - the vet told me it was the uterus all contracted after birth. If there's a kitten inside the mom, it has to come out. That should not be a reason to put her to sleep, though. As to abnormally large feces, I don't know that this is an actual problem.

Mom cats often need time away from the kittens; it's not a definite sign that they won't go back. Does your mom cat go back to the kittens at all? If you bring the kittens to her, does she nurse them?

I think a vet visit is in line if she is definitely being sluggish and non-responsive, but putting her down sounds premature. Truly, do all you can to save the mom, because the kittens will have the best chance if she lives and can nurse them herself.
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This sounds like it could be a retained placenta or dead kitten. Either situation is an emergency but not necessarily a death sentence. An emergency spay would remove the decomposing tissue and have a good chance of saving her, but it has to be done immediately.
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My cat had to have a csection once; all of the kittens ended up dying but the mother cat ended up fine. I don't know why they think they need to put her down in order to solve the problem?
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Any news? Did momma cat die?
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