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Its been about a month since we took in a stray cat who we named Snowball. It seemed she was pregnant at the time but we still took her in. After about 3 weeks she gives birth to 4 little kittens and now they are 10 days old. Just 2 days ago the first cat opens its eyes and it seems to have some of the "goopy eye" thing on it. It's not too yellow but not too green, its somewhere in the middle, anyway they're only 9-10 days old, should I start the cotton guaze treatment thing? Thx in advance
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Yes, go ahead and swab the eyes with the warm water only on cotton gauze ... and if they are still greenish-goopy tomorrow, you'll need to contact the vet for some antibiotic eye ointment.
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Also check out Gaye's stuck thread in this forum on goopy eyes- it is quite excellent!
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