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Feral Love Bites

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After seven months, one of the three ferals I've been caring for finally started letting me pet him a few days ago. Today he started gently biting my fingers while I'm petting him. Is this a sign of fear, aggression, or trust? Just curious....BTW, he did have his rabies shot when I took him to be neutered a month ago. Thanks for any input!
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I've had some of my former ferals do that to me. I take it as a warning that perhaps I'm going a little to far with my petting. If you don't ease off, the gentle bite can turn into a more serious one with possible a scratch. Watch him very closely when you pet him. Some cats simply respond that way due to over stimulation and you have to read their signs to stop before it goes too far.

What do you do when he bites you?

And btw....very cool that you are taking the time out for his feral boy.
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I have a rescued mommy feral, she's in the house now gets along well with all my other cats, she does nibble on my hubby when he's petting her, but not to be mean I don't think because she Loves the attention, I also have her 5 babies all female I got them all at the same time and they are the sweetest darn things and I love them to death, but I am looking for homes for them,
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When my ferals start nibbling me, I stop petting them. It is a sign of overstimulation, they are not used to people touching them, and if you don't stop as they grow bigger the bites get harder. Learned that the hard way-
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