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Originally Posted by Shell
LMAO! I still have that picture's always been a dream

Thanks again for the welcome. It's good to be home!
Awesome! Invite me to the grand opening! -always good to have you around Shell!
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Welcome Back Shell!!!!!
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Hi Chick! Welcome back! you were missed here!
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Hey Shell ! Great to see ya again. I have been gone a bit myself so its been a LOOOONG time. (((hugs)))
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I received a very nice PM from Loubelia today & thought I'd stop by to say hello! The place looks great & it's wonderful to see some of the veterans of the board here. Wow...lots of new faces & kitties!

Here's a little update:

I last posted here one year ago today (what timing!) & I wrote how I took a different job, was still single and how everything was going great. Well, I'm still with that job. I was promoted to Facility Manager in February. It was a struggle but it's been all worth it. As far as being single, I met the most wonderful man just a few days after I posted last. Next Monday we will celebrate our one year anniversary together! Things are going wonderfully & we actually took a HUGE step....we moved in together just a few days ago. I couldn't have asked for a better man to be part of my life & I'm honored that he picked me! Plus, he's wonderful to my furkids. Some days I wonder if they love him more than me! *lol* Little traders! He loves animals....he grew up around them & knows how to respect them. His Mom & sister own a Pet Grooming place, so he's used to being around the animals. Plus...I get to reap the rewards of FREE grooming for my girls! YAY!

Well...that's me in a nut shell. I'm happy as a lark & lovin life. I hope everyone is doing great! I miss you all & I'll have to stop by more often. I do visit with Debby occasionally through emails but have lost touch with many folks here.
(((((((hugs to ya'll)))))))'s a pic of Tim & I from last year:
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Hi again Shell! I was wondering why this thread was back up the board.

It's great to hear life is going well for you. And Tim is quite a handsome man.

Hope you can visit more!
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Hi and nice to meet you!
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Speak of the devil! I was just wondering this week what you were doing now (I'm heading for Omaha in about two weeks, which made me think of you ). It's nice to see you back (hopefully on a regular basis?), and to hear that things are going so well for you.
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Shell! hi is so funny,yesterday I said to Ted,I wonder how SHELL IS ! Great to hear from you ! wow,Tim is good looking!A lot of things have changed for us also,we left NY for VA,Love it here.I am down to 2 siamese, cats and 1 dog.Working to find a place to live (right now we are living at my uncles house) Ted is a correctional officer at a level 3 correctional center,I am still cleaning at a motel and peoples houses.
Glad you are doing great,now keep in touch!
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Hey shells!!!!!!! How are you doing!!!
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HI I am one of the "new" members. I just wanted to say that you and your guy are a beautiful couple!! And your furkids are so beautiful too!!
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Shell it's good to have you back and to hear that things are going so well for you.

Don't stay away again!
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Good to hear from you, Shell. And glad to hear of the developments over the last year. You and Tim make a lovely couple and he sounds like a keeper. Don't be a stranger, eh?
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Good to hear from you, Shell. And glad to hear of the developments over the last year. You and Tim make a lovely couple and he sounds like a keeper. Don't be a stranger, eh?
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Man, it's awesome to see everyone again! I've always thought of this place & the wonderful people that make this place what it is. I've actually referred a few folks from another message board land to here when they've had some questions about their kitties. I knew ya'll would take care of them!

And....I feel so honored that people were thinking of me! That makes me feel wonderful know that made some kind of an impact on someone enough to remember who I was. Thank you!! And I promise to swing by here more often!
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Hi Shell! I saw one of your posts in another thread and came searching to find an update!! It's so good to see you, and wonderful to hear that you are so happy with everything in your life. (And what a super-cute smilie in your siggy!)
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Shell, it's so good to see you back! I also thought you'd dropped of the __of TCS. I'm so glad that you have found a 'better' job than at Wal-Mart.
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Hi Shell!! Good to see you!!!
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Hi Shell, glad you're back and doing well.

I've changed jobs and moved out on my own (with the cats and dogs, of course). Trying the online dating thing, with mixed results.

BTW: I still have that jacket.
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I had been wondering about you. too. It is good to hear you are doing well. We have so many new members, but it is always good to have someone return to TCS.
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Holy Smokes! Looks like all sorts of stuff has happened that I've missed! Looks like Sherral has moved, Cindy has moved on her own & everyones changing jobs. Did you guys just follow my suit or what? *lol*
Ladies...gimme the scoop! What's going on???
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Shell,we moved for a lot of reason's,son's grilfriend,hated us and would't let us see the kids,(son says he loves her,and he is happy,) (someday he will be crawling back ) Ted was laid off his job ,he had for 20 years,they was nothing around here that paid as well,so we moved to VA,and he has gotten a much better paying job.He is a correctional officer,in a level 3 correctional center.Right now we are living at my uncles house,trying to rent,a house,thats lets us have pets,I will not get rid of my cats,and my dog. Va is a beautful state,much nicer than NY. keep in touch,ok?
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