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Saturday Slackers

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This is the scene Saturday morning... Mika was pooped from keeping his daddy up all night (which he turned around and did to me last night), so he slept in.

We catch him like that from time to time. He thinks he's a people who needs his own blankie and pillow. It's a pose easy for him to achieve since he normally sleeps under the blanket between my feet anyway.

Then later that afternoon...

They just weren't very active all day.

In the evening, we weren't in the bedroom so he had to figure out something else to use for his pillow...

All evening I kept hearing Tom Green singing "my bum is on his head, my bum is on his head"...

The Ugly Couch is their favorite place to sleep. And sleep is what they're best at! Yesterday he sported his rhinestone studded purple collar around all day for the first time, but we took it off since it makes hubby nervous he'll get stuck on something. He sure does like his bling, though!
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They are beautiful cats! The first picture is my favorite..
Cats make slacking an artform!
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What beautiful meezers! They always looks so sweet and innocent when they are sleeping.
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danke, danke...

Mookie already knows he's beautimus so I won't pass on the sentiment if you don't mind, as not to swell his head anymore

Poor Holly, though, her breeder showed she and her sister before we were adopted by her, and she didn't fare too well... they favored her sister's coloration though the breeder thought Holly's was nicer and couldn't figure it out

So we'll make sure and tell Holly she has fans... to lessen her Jan-Jealous-of-Marsha complex!!!
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Awwwwee... my cats always sleep with ones head rested on the others butt xD
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I love Holly's softer colors. I think she is beautiful!!!!!!!!
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