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Open Wound

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Hi Everyone! I'm new here and already I have a question!

My cat Pinky, who is about 6 years old, has an open wound that she will not leave alone. She has actually had this for years. When it first started we took her to the vet and tried a variety of different things in order to get her to stop licking the cut, but nothing helped. Well, I don't know how it happened, but the cut started moving further and further back down her rear leg and getting smaller, because she couldn't reach it. However, perhaps she has increased her flexibility, but she is bothering it again and it has gotten bigger.

I tried a search here but didn't get much, so anyone have any ideas or suggestions to get her to stop this!

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You could try telling Pinky "NO" when she licks,scratches or bites the wound. I don't know what else you could do, but there are lots of people at the cat site that probably have a better suggestion that Me. Good luck with Pinky.
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Its sounds like a "lickit" to me..... my husbands dog has one on his front leg, it is basically a sore that he lick and licks out of boredom and now just out of habit, sometimes he has licked it so much that it does bleed and there is no fur left around it. I would try spraying some bitter apple spray on the spot she is licking, or anykind of spray that she will not like the taste of (as long as its not harmful of course!) Hopefully she will be put off by the smell/taste of it. Also you could try making a loud noise when you see her doing it - something that will startle her, like filling a tin/can with a few coins and shaking it, if you do this each time she does it she should eventually get the message. It might be a good idea to take her back to the vet for another look, they may be able to dress it or suggest a spray or treatment that will discourage it. Hope this helps!! I'm sure someone else will be able to help you better than I can!! Let us know!!
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Go to a good health food store and speak to a knowledgeable person (usually the owner) and tell them what is going on. There are various herbs and powders you can use to mix in cat's wet food which will beef up her immune system and allow the body to deal with closing wounds quicker. I hope she doesn't get many wounds with this type of reaction to them, or you must be totally frazzled by now. Also ask them in adding GSE to her water might help her, as GSE has properties in it to kill all bad bacteria and fungus. Good luck
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I can back Hiss up on the GSE. My cats Faberge and Mollie Rose have had problems with sneezing and green junk coming out which is an indication of sinusitis. Both have seen the vet and both have been on doxycycline for over 2 months now. It wasn't until I started putting GSE in my cats wet food every single day for 3 weeks that the problem cleared up. I swear by the stuff now.

Thanks Hissy!
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Thanks for all the replies!

Where could I pick up some of that GSE?

Also, if I decide to use a bitter spray, would it hurt or infect the wound?

Thanks again,
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