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i was told that i should put kiowa's passing on here, so here i go. i got kiowa when he was 5 years old. another vet tech gave him to me as she was moving and could not keep all of her cats. he was the first cat i have had as an adult(me). he was a beautiful maine coon. before the other tech saved him, he had a very abused life. this cat truly had 9 lives. he had been attacked by dogs, and hit by cars several times. the original owner did not take care of him and just let him run loose. she also never took him to the vet when he was injured. so the other tech rescued him. when she gave him to me, she told me never to let him outside. this cat thought he was invincable. one late night, a friend of mine who had a key to my place came over, and being kiowa was black, kiowa accidently got out. (he loved being outside and always tried to get out). when i found out he was missing, i went hunting for him. i found him, but he was playing games with me. he would let me get within 2 feet of him, and then he would run. it went on like this for hours. finally i just gave up. within the next couple of weeks, he would come home, but again would play the game. (by the way, i KNOW he loved me, 'cuz he would ALWAYS sleep curled up around my head and purr all night long. this was often how i fell asleep,'cuz it was so comforting...i miss that). then he stopped coming around. i knew something was terribly wrong. my mother and i were looking for him one day, and found his remains in the ditch along the road. i was devastated
for those of you who have been talking fo me, not only do i have iceis and whiskers, but i now have a total of 13 cats and 5 dogs. this is my "tribute" to kiowa,and i truly believe he is waiting for me at rainbow bridge. thankx for reading
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I'm sure he will be there waiting!, so sorry for your loss
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I'm sorry to read about your Kiowa. He knew that he loved him, so take comfort in that and yes, he will be waiting for you
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Yes, indeed, dear Kiowa is on the other side of RB with all our other TCS kitties! You do have a very dear heart to care for so many animals, and still have the heart to love & mourn Kiowa!! Prayers for comfort, peace & many blessings to you & your animal family! Susan
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I'm sorry for your loss, nothing ever prepares us for the time we loose one You are in my thoughts and prayers
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My heart goes out to you at this time of your loss of Kiowa. He is watching over you now and will be waiting for you at the bridge. RIP Kiowa.
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I am very sorry for the loss of your first cat, Kiowa. He sounds like a real special guy. Condolences!
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I'm so sorry to hear about Kiowa. He sounds like a very special cat. May he rest in peace.
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