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Wish me luck...good vibes needed!

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A week ago, I found out that they were testing my husband's father for ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease). My mother-in-law asked me not to tell my husband yet, as they were just tests. They live in NY, we live in IL, and she didn't want him worrying. Yesterday she called me and said the test was positive. Here is my dilemma...we are going to NY August 5th to visit his family. Should I tell him before then, or should I let his father tell him when we get there? I don't believe that they should tell him over the phone, so that leaves it up to me, or the previously mentioned option. His brothers and sisters all know. Either way, I cannot tell him until at least Wednesday, because he drives a truck and is on the road until then. I'm confused and I don't know what is best. I know that I will probably be telling him this week. I'd be very angry if I were in his place and found out that I was the last to know. Thank you all for listening....I'm sure I'll sort it out, but it helps to vent.
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I am very sorry to hear about your FIL. ALS is such a horrible disease.
That is a difficult decision on when to tell your DH. Telling him over the phone is definately out. I'd tell me on Wednesday as hard as it would be because if you wait for his father to tell him and he finds out everyone else already knew it may cause him even more emotional stress.

Sending many, many good vibes your way!
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Oh my...what a difficult thing to have to tell you husband. I think his Mother wants you to tell him about his father or she would not have told you. Also, he may want to talk to other family members before you leave. Please keep us updated about how you are doing.
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I'm so sorry to hear about this. I am sending good luck vibes your way. I agree with everyone else that he should be told on Wednesday. He would probably want to mentally prepare himself for the visit home to his family and think about what encouraging words he may want to say to his father. If he is going to break down, better to do it in front of you, than his father.
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Thank you all. I will be telling him when he gets home. That was my answer all along.
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Good luck vibes, comin' at ya!
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