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New adoption!

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Hey there!
We found her....a cat for my mom. FINALLY! Her name is Luna and we just adopted her from my friends grandmother who couldn't take care of her any longer. She's a torti-blue point ragdoll and is a little shy, but we're sure with lots of care and attention she will be the best lapcat known to man.
How exciting!!!
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Congrats, Jess! She sounds adorable!
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Yeah!!! Sounds great....
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Congratulations!! She sounds gorgeous! Please post pictures soon.
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Congratulations on Luna!! I'm sure that Luna & her former owner are thrilled that Luna found a wonderful new family!! May your mother have many happy,healthy years together with her new cat! Susan
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Congrats! Thats the best kind of rescue, one home to another. I hope your Mom and Luna have many happy years together. She sounds beautiful, post a pic when you can!
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Congrats and enjoy that new kitty, wishing you all well with it.
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