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Hello from Pearl, Brandy and Shelley

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Hello Everyone,

I'm Shelley the human and Pearl and Brandy are the cats. I'm a Masters candidate in history with some heavy duty exam prep time coming up next year so Pearl and Brandy will be helping me write my essays, I'm sure!

After twenty years of not having cats, I decided to get two spayed females, one is two and a half years old, that's Pearl, and one is fourteen weeks, Brandy. Pearl is a tuxcedo cat and Brandy is calico, white body, striped tail, orange and gray. They've only been together a week. I got Pearl in June, she is a transplant from another home, and she's very soft, very loving, and quite vocal. She has always been an indoor cat.

Brandy was born inside and put outside with a litter box so we're working on modifying her biting behavior; that is Pearl is working it out. I have noticed less biting today, maybe Pearl's lessons are sinking in! I get a bit stressed out when they nip and bite, you see I'm going from a twenty year absence of cat fights outside my window to having a bit of a tussel under my own bed! It's working out, though.

My cats are calm, and very different. Pearl always meows when she sees me, haha even when I call Brandy she comes to see me. Brandy is still getting used to the place (I took her on a little trip for four days to a friend who has kittens, so she could get a better chance to bond with me without getting bothered by Pearl). Pearl and Brandy were together two days when I left, no major bloodshed, just some growling and hissing.

When I brought her back, Pearl remembered her. I guess she could identify the scent from the apartment. No growling, some hissing, but they're settling in.

During the day they're sleeping under my bed and I haven't noticed any nipping today.

Today they both entered the kitchen at the same time to see what I was making so I guess Brandy is learning the tricks of the begging trade from Pearl. It was cute. They like each other, mostly. They're under my bed again, on their own sides, to be sure, but then even pouses have their preferred sides of the bed!

I am a single kitchen consultant, writer, musician, student, future aspirant to restaurant ownership, and so this is my first foray into room mates in about 17 years. So far, so good!

I always tell them there's enough love and room for both of them!

So that's it from the household today. You can visit my stories online and see the titles I've written by going to
http://www.storymania.com, clicking on "the authors" then "Shelley J. Alongi" then clicking on any of ninety titles.

I'm sure I'll add a cat journal to the mix, soon!

Keep Dreaming!

Shelley, Pearl, and Brandy
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Hi, and welcome to all 3 of you!

Check out my kitties' "catnap stories" thread in PAWS & REFLECT. They are very talented kitties, I think.
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Welcome to TCS.

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Hi and Welcome
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Welcome to TCS Shelley, Brandy & Pearl

what a wonderful introduction into the lifes of you & your 2 kitties. They both sound simply adorable Its awesome having a kitten in the house I think - so mischievous

so pleased that you joined us here - i have no doubt that you will fit in just well and enjoy yourself here - we certainly do

any chance of seeing photos of Brandy & Pearl? we love photos here

welcome again from me & my boys
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Hi there and welcome to TCS!

You sound like you really have your hands full!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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Welcome to TCS!
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