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Feeding my kitten...

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Ok, I've heard conflicting reports of how much to feed my kitten. The petstore I went to says that the amount of food has to be limited for my 5 month kitten otherwise he will overfeed and become obese.

Some internet sites have said that kittens can control the amount of food they eat, so free feed is Ok.

So my question is, which one is correct? Also, my friend has an adult cat, 3 years, and was wondering if a slightly obese cat is a major health concern? Lmk, thanks!!!
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I free feed. I think cats can control what they eat, but occasionally, you have one that's just a pig. I'd recommend trying free feeding, and if you think kitty is eating too much, switch to scheduled feeding.

As for your friend's slightly overweight can... I think a pound of two overweight is okay. Billy is slightly overwieght... he's getting kinda fat, and I'm not too worried yet. If he starts gaining a lot again, though, he's going back on his Purina One diet food diet! ( <~~~~Billy)
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neither and both... I wouldnt retrict food till the baby is at least 12 months old ... this is for regular growth.... Many cats will self regulate later in life but some dont.. use the feeding guidelines on the kittens food as a guide ... if your feeding double that then cut back , if you feeding well under depends on kittys frame you may have to increase...

yes obesity in cats has ricsk just like humans but a little chubby isnt likely to cause trouble
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I agree with free feed. I free feed. With as many kitties as I have I would never make it through meals, LOL. the kittens all do good. I keep a carefull eye on everyone to make sure we arent pigging out to much.

One kitty is a pound or two overweight, but thats cause he got his nose in the kitten food. that problem has since been solved, and hes doing fine.
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No, I don't think you have to worry about obesity at that young age. When they stop growing up, then they start growing out, and when that happens you'll have to restrict the food intake (unless your cat eats just the right amount, like some do.)
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