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8 week old kitten need help!!!

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We were given an 8 week old, or so they say, kitten. She is obvioulsy scared of humans. She seems like she wasnt socialized with very much at all.

When we approach her...even at a snails pace, she will hiss at times. She has spit a couple times as well. Once she is held though, she is quite content, as long as she is being held. If she gets out of your hands, its as if she realizes you are WAY bigger then she is and that scares her.

She will play with us...if we use one of those dangle toys. She will chase it for qute some time. We have been keeping her in our 2nd bathroom with a litter box and a box turned on its side with a towel, and a couple of our shirts for bedding. She also has food and water.

We were also told she was litter trained, although we have had her on our bed 2 times, and both times she went on our bed. Im guessing obviously shes nervous, and there wasnt a litter box there. But it doesnt seem like shes using her litter box. Like I may have said she is extremely playful. You can totally see the kitten in her that wants to come out!! In the day we have had her she has improved extremely much!! Which is awesome. We are really excited. Like I also said she loves her dangly toy we have. She will go back and forth with it forever. One concern I have is sometimes when she meows...it barely comes out. Other times she meows like crazy!!

Any information and guidance would be very much appreciated. We absolutel adore Abby (thats what weve named her) and we will do whatever it takes to tame her. We want her to be a part of our family very much so!
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it sounds like you havent had her very long so keep in mind it will take time for her to come round. tempt her with tasty treats such as plain, grilled chicken or a little bit of tuna in spring water, not brine.

as for the miaow, cats hearing is so much better than ours that to her shes making a perfectly good miaow, we're the fools for not being able to hear it!
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She should still be with her mom. Kittens should not leave mom until they are 12 weeks old. Likewise, humans that are helping to care for kittens, orphaned or not, should be handling the kittens by at least two weeks of age so they know about humans and that humans won't hurt them.

Her peeing on your bed is just a kitten thing, when they leave to early and haven't had time to be properly trained to use the box (by momcat or caregiver) they will pee when and where they want to. If you want her on your bed, move an old chest, or a chair at the foot of your bed and put two small litter pans on it for her. She is a baby and will not be able to hold her urine if she has to go.

About her being scared, put her in a bit of a bigger room than a bathroom and go in the room on scheduled intervals and lie down on the floor on your stomach. Let her come to you and crawl all over you and investigate you. Don't wear your shoes, just your socks so she can get used to your smell quicker, but go down to her level instead of towering above her all the time. And don't pick her up and force her to accept pets- leave her be and let her come to you for attention- she will, it will just take time.
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shes sitting on the chair next to me right now playing...we have a huge chase lounge ( i dont know if i spelled that right ) in our living room and shes being a typical kitten

i agree she was to young to be taken away from her mother

the way she is acting is dramatically differant then yesterday and last night she hasnt hissed at me today or my wife the bathroom is quite large its almost a room in itself

we started leaving the bathroom door open today so she can go in and out of the bathroom to get to her food and water like i said earlier we have a box turned on its side with some blankets and shirts for bedding in it

when i go in the bathroom now i get down on the floor by her and i can move my hand slowly towards her and she doesnt hiss i can tell shes still a little weary of what i and my wife are but based on how shes acting today i have alotta hope for Abby!!

If you have any other advice please let me know. We are taking her to the vet monday to get her checked out I think.
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The fact that she is playful and lets you pet her is a great sign. Just keep being gentle with her, and give her time to come to you. She sounds like a sweetie!
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mine was 6 weeks when we got her. we thoght she was 8 weeks thogh and your situation sonds very similar to how mine was.

whilst 6 or 8 weeks is too yong it was either we took her or she would have been given to an animal shelter, without her mum, so we took her.

if she's an only cat she'll bond with you throgh lonliness just make sure she has more than one care giver and has good experiences with lots of differnt people so she becomes adeqetly socialised and not over attatched to just you.
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yeah we bought her a little scratching disc thing and it has a ball that she can roll around on it. she seems to enjoy it she is using her litter box now which is awesome!! should i block off the back of the couch so she cant go back there? or is that really hurting anything to let her under there??

i am the same way with abby. its either take her, or take her back to the lady we got her from...and i know if she goes back there she wont get the same attention shes getting here

she also seems to be getting comfortable with going in and out of the bathroom to use her ox and eat

hopefully this will have a happy ending i will certainly keep you updated and i will get some pictures of her for yall she really is a sweetie!
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instead of nder the sofa why not get her a big cardboard box with cut out to hide in?

what i did with maverick was eventally give up trying to block off under the bed (she was confinded in my room) and just sit on my bed with a plate of tuna and a my laptop, completley ignoring her. eventually she wanted to know what smelt so good and what was more interesting than her (!) so she climbed up a little ramp i made her onto the bed.

she didnt hide under the bed again unless i was out of the room.
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When my cats hide, unless they might get hurt, I just let them hide and ignore them- feed them etc...but just ignoring them makes them come out of hiding quicker. Maybe that will help you, I don't know-
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