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my cat won't shut up!!!!

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Hi everyone,
This is my first post. I am here because I really need some help!
I have an 8 year-old female cat (who was fixed as a kitten). Her brother had to be put to sleep this past Xmas-eve due to a few different ailments (mostly a urinary-tract infection that went undiagnosed). Ever since then, she will not shut up! I assumed it was pretty normal for her to be howling for him for awhile...maybe she was calling out for him, maybe she was howling because she missed him. Keep in mind that they were not that close. They coexisted peacefully, but really did not play together, or sleep together.
But 7-8 months later and it's still going on. But not just the howling- all types of meowing- throughout all hours of the day and nite. I am sure it is not all because of him. Much of the time she will just come to see me and start screaming at me for attention. Do you think she even remembers him 7-8 months later? Something else is going on here...and it's driving my family and I insane!! Please help me!
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Cats are very much creatures of habit. It might well be disruptive for her that your other cat is gone. Was she much of a meower before? I have one cat who meows constantly sometimes. It's very much for attention. Is your remaining cat is getting enough attention these days?
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I had this same problem in the past and I think my kitty got better when I brought home another cat.
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You said that you're sure it's not all because of him....then that leaves having her checked by a vet to make sure it's not a health issue.
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They do remember and they do miss previous companions, I'm sure of it. Vicket won't give the time of day to the other cats and never has done, she's my oldest and most senior cat. When we lost James it was four or five months before the raggies moved in, and she and my Maine Coon boy both grieved badly. She was visibly more nervous and clingy and demanding of attention, and after the raggies had lived with us for a couple of weeks all those behaviours had gone and she was her usual self again. She takes no visible notice of them, just graciously allows them in her house, but she clearly does want and need the company. I'd think your cat is needing you far more for company and attention than before. Are you a feliway fan? It might help a little?
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Thanks for your suggestions, guys. She gets TONS of attention. I've actually been trying lately to koind of ignore all the noise because I thought maybe I was encouraging her. Has anyone heard of mourning lasting this long?
What is Feilway?
Maybe she does need to see a vet, although I feel that she's healthy and will probably get the same advice I'm getting here. Should I give her MORE attention? I don't know how to give her attention when it's the middle of the nite, and she's downstairs howling! And I'd rather not bring another cat in the house...
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I would take her the vet to be sure she is okay. Regardless of if they were close or not, she knows he is gone and it changes them. Sometimes it makes them clingy and talkative, sometimes aggressive, sometimes they just withdraw. I recently lost several cats and the littermates always changed after their buds were gone. I take the surviving cat in my lap and talk to him and let him know what happened- and call me crazy, but it does work. None of mine got loud, they just changed and were "off" a bit. But the stress of losing a feline friend affects us, and it affects them that is why a vet check is a good idea-
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We had two cats who had lived together since they were kittens. They weren't really close, but when the male died last year, followed by the death of our dog (the female cat's best friend), she became very clingy. To this day, she still tries to lead us places, and begs us to sit down and pet her. She was never a vocal cat, but she trills at us regularly now. Because of your remaining kitty's age, I would highly recommend a senior panel. If nothing else, it will provide a good baseline for what is normal for your kitty for the future. Cats are prone to hyperthyroidism, and one of the symptoms is yowling. It can be ruled out with a blood test performed by your vet.

Assuming there aren't any medical issues, I would try to re-establish a routine with your remaining kitty. Cats are very much creatures of habit, and having their routine disrupted upsets them a lot. Set aside times for feeding, petting, and playing. Good luck!
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When we got our oldest cat, Ace, he was about five and had been living at a house with several other cats. (Shawn's aunt gave him to us because she'd just found out that her husband is allergic, and also Ace always got picked on by the other cats. Not beat up or anything, just never got his fair share of food—which he has since more than made up for. )

Anyway, he would meow terribly whenever he thought he was alone. I mean these horrendously pitiful yowls that would break your heart ... I heard them because a few times Shawn went to work, then I walked in another room, so Ace thought he was by himself. He did that for the first three years we had him, and he also licked the hair off the base of his tail. (The vet at the time told us he thought it might be allergies.) When we moved into the house, we got two kittens. Immediately his behavior changed. He acts like the kittens (now cats) bug him, but he is no longer a nervous wreck, and they do share cuddles from time to time. For whatever reason, Ace does much better when there are other cats around; perhaps your little miss is the same.

If you do decide to get another cat, I'd either get an adult or get two kittens. One kitten might drive your eight-year-old crazy with its high-energy antics; two would keep each other occupied as well as offering company to your oldest.
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What's strange (in addition to all the rest of her behavior!) is that she is really not friendly to anyone but me. I've been living with my parents for the past 2 years, and she rarely lets them pet her. But she'll still keep howling, whether I'm there or not. I'll have her checked out, but like I said, I already give her a ton of attention, and can't really bring any other cats in right now. I wish there was something else i could do...
I appreciate all of your efforts though!
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The ONLY thing that works is getting another cat. This is the voice of exhausted experience talking... there is nothing else and it works the second you bring the other one home. Don't try to figure cats out - they're naturally weird :-), just do what works, and this does.
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I have a 16 year old cat that meows so loud that you can literally hear her 3-4 doors down. She is deaf! I realized this about 2 months ago but she has been meowing for about 2 years. Since she can't hear herself, she meow's loud enough so she can feel her vibrations. Cats can cover up an illness very well. For all I know Nitosha has been deaf for 2 years!! How I found out was I would clap my hand as hard as I could and I never got a response. Also when I walk in a room and her back is towards me it startles her as i get closer, she doesn't know that I am there until she feels the floor vibrate. I asked the vet the last time I had her in and she even clapped her hand hard and Nitosha gave no response. The vet said most likely she is. Their is something (i forgot the names of the parts in the ear) that fuse together that cause deafness.

Good luck keep us posted.
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thanks, lovemycats. i'm pretty sure thats not the problem, but i'll give it a try.
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