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So last night was relatively peaceful in the all female household. Pearl the alfa cat climbed up on te sofa while I was watching something on sharks and licked herself as if to say "another cat? Where!" Brandy went somewhere, who knows where! One thing about this place is there are lots of nooks anc crannies and little corners and I'm not about to scope them all out looking for a kitten. Not unless she's in distress anyway, and if I do, she'll think I"m stocking or playign with her, so just let it be.

There was one nip last night as Brandy appeared and came under momy's bed (that's me) to play with Pearl. Pearl would have none of it and so Brandy went into the living room to sulk, or sleep. Later on I heard climbing little claws and turned to find Pearl on my bed as if to say "haha" and randy off somewhere, climbing.

So now it's morning! It appears the world is right so I'll go make breakast ad see who begs first; probably Pearl, Brandy reserves that for later afternoons! They've both had breakfast, so I guess it's my turn.

I suppose this is all usual play in te cat world!

I'll wait patiently for Brandy to get older and sleep with me. She's till bonding with me, and hiding. It's a soap opra, a fun one! No blod shed, no war, just another successful night!