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i need help!

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I have two cats, an older female whom i adopted and a 1.5 year old male raised from a kitten. My boy cat seems to have developed a very agressive behavior towards me. he is very spoiled, likes to be carried around on my shoulder like a baby (just like i did when he was little, now he is 15 pounds) and sleeps right next to me all night. problem is he has started this behavior where he runs in front of me and stops right in front of my feet and is meowing the whole time and every step i take he is right there kind of leaning on my legs and if i dont stop and pick him up he throws himself on my foot and completely attacks me, using teeth and claws. It is very painful and upsetting. I dont know what is causing him to act this way. He is a pretty loving cat and seems to be VERY attached to me. Have i ruined him by babying him? Am i destined to lose my career as a foot model due to all the scars ? Please help.
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Is your male cat neutered?
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yes, at about 4 months old.
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Sounds like he might not feel good and he is trying to let you know this. I would take him to the vet to rule out any health issue first.
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i dont think thats it. he is a very healthy boy. and although its a new behavior it didnt start today. he has done it several times over a period of weeks. its almost like he is trying to stop me from leaving. he definately slows down my walking. often times he follows me around of a morning meowing at me until i pick him up. makes it very difficult to get dressed with a 15 pound cat on your shoulder. seems like he just needs attention. i was concerned it ws some kind of male cat thing and that he may have an unhealthy fixation on me.
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I am not trying to step on you here, but it has been my experience that when a cat starts acting off, there is always a reason and usually it is health related. It doesn't much matter that you think the cat looks healthy- they do anything and everything in their power to appear that way because they are so far down on the food chain. It is strictly up to you, but if he were mine, we would be going to the vet to be sure he is in good health, before looking further into a behavior issue that might be causing this.
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Hissy is right (as she normally is). In order to get to the bottom of behavior problems, the FIRST thing to do is rule out health issues.

I think it needs to be said here yet again - most often, the cause of behavior issues in cats can be directly traced to health problems. So, go that way first. If it is a health issue, treatment normally stops the behavior. If the vet gives him a clean bill of health, let us know and we'll try to drill down to help you determine the cause of the behavior then.
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i came here looking for advise so i should trust the experts! i will take him in next week and make sure he is ok. he sure seems fat and happy so i hope it isnt anything serious. thanks for your help.
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We may not always be right, but we've all graduated with honors from the School of Hard Knocks. I am hoping the behavior you've described is just rowdy boy kitten behavior, but it really is best to have the vet make absolutely certain everything is OK.
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