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This is very appalling

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Last night, I watched new episodes of Animal Precinct and I got very angry. A cat was thrown out of the window of a three story building and the police couldn't find who did it. They think it might have been the owner who had two twelve-packs of beer or her roomate. Another owner had four dogs and one of them(dogs) had a big tumor hanging from his head. The owner never had took the dog to the vet. Said he didn't have any money. If he didn't have any money, why did he have four dogs? He should have given them to the SPCA or something.

Sorry, Donna. I know you don't like to talk about these things but I had to let it out.
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That is just horrible!! People like that should never own pets in the first place.
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I agree. I think people who are reported for animal abuse and it is proven, should not be allowed to own any animals for the rest of their lives. There should also be a list(like they do for registered sex offenders) and it should be sent to every pet owner when someone like that has moved into your neighborhood. it should be a law that you have to register animal abusers like sex offenders...
And if they happen to be found with an animal, then they need to go to jail for a minimum of 1 year...(maximum of 5 years no early releases or paroles)

this is just my opinion............
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I watch Animal Precinct all the time. It's a great show. Anybody who has money to buy stuff like beer and un-necessities and not have money to take their pets to the vet, doesn't deserve to have pets. PERIOD.

And although I don't like hearing stuff like that, it happens all the time. After a while you harden. Poor cat.
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Amen to that, Donna. Too many people take on the responsibility of pet ownership,but are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to maintain their upkeep. I say, when you take on a new pet you make a committment to that pet to keep him healthy happy. All 7 of our cats are "throw-aways". Someone just couldn`t or wouldn`t take responsibility for them. We may not always be able to afford some of the things we want, but our furry little family is as happy and healthy as we can make them.
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Yeah, I think that they should suffer the same consequences...I wouldn't mind seeing that creature being kicked out a window and hear the "splat!" A######e!
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Yeah - I saw that episode as well!! Sometimes I have a very hard time watching without wanting to scream " AN EYE FOR AN EYE"!!!!
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I totally agree with all of you! I don't think that anyone who treats their animals like that should be able to own one ever again! I can't believe that anyone could be so cruel to their animals. I think that your pets are just like your children. I mean, how could anyone not care for their children?!? Anyone who abuses their animals should at least be fined, if not put on an animal abuse list or in jail.
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