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Collar recommendations?

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I've decided I want to try putting collars on my kids so if they ever sneak out of the house hopefully someone will rescue them and call me. Any specific collars anyone would recommend? I know to look for the breakway kind so they don't get hung up somewhere.

Where do you get the hangtags with their names and # engraved? Pet store? Vet?
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My kitties have Lupine breakaway collars: http://www.lupinepet.com/cat/index.html (Essie has 'flutterby' and the boys have 'wee fishies'), and I've been very happy with them. I've also heard good things about Beastie Bands.
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Oh, and I ordered their tags from ebay - MUCH cheaper than buying them from a pet supply store or the vet's - I believe I paid something like $2.00 per tag from ebay, compared with $10.00 per tag at a pet supply store, and the tags are of equal quality.
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I highly reccomend buying your tags on ebay. PettagsNmore is a GREAT tagger. I have had all of mine tags done by her
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I have beastie bands collars for my four. I got them off Ebay from Princess_purr.
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My kits have safety collars (with the elastic band, not the breakaway buckle) from Hot Dogs All Dressed, Inc. Their tags are from the same company. I got them at Barker and Meowsky, which is near my place, or at http://www.barkerandmeowsky.com
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My cats wear the Tenth Life Reflective Cat Collar. Scroll to the bottom of that page, and it is shown, the middle item on the bottom row. As you will see, it is elastic and has a breakaway clasp, as well as a reflector strip. It is adjustable from kitten size to monster size, and if you adjust it so that you can just fit three fingers under it when fastened, it is secure but not constricting, and the cat does not get tangled up in it. I've been using them for the better part of ten years, maybe more, and wouldn't use anything else.
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I did already post this in another thread, but since you're asking for recommendations, will repeat it here, begging the mod's indulgence. The regular snap-type safety collars didn't work out for me and my cats, so I got these collars:

from this company: National Leash Co. and they've been working out quite well.
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Thanks everyone!
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