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Cat Sleeping with Me

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My cat Pearl who seems to be the dominant cat sleeps with me for a few hours each night. She even took an afternoon nap with me today.

When will Brandy my younger cat sleep with me? What is your experience with second cats sleepign with you?

I don't mind my cats sleeping with me at all; there's plenty of room for all of us.

Pearl who's still looking out of the window
Brandy who's now under the table sucking her paw
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Depends, not all kitties like to share the bed. Every kitty that I've ever had has liked sleeping on the bed, but some only do when there are no humans in it.

Little Bucky currently sleeps on my quilt rack, Sister sleeps everywhere, and Tiny takes up as much room in bed as my husband, so I am glad that the others have their own favorite places to sleep!
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Sierra has slept with me just about every single night of our almost 11 years together. Her favorite spot have always been, my neck, my head, or on my right hip since I usually sleep on my left side. I often say I would never sleep a wink without my little snuggle baby!
Since Serenity joined our family one month ago, she has made her sleeping spots either wrapped around my neck or on my head, and Sierra has moved to sleeping on my legs or sometimes under the covers at my legs. I love snuggling with itty bitty Serenity, but rather hope Sierra will return to her usual spots since they have always been where she sleeps. Perhaps once they are more used to eachother. It's a great progress that they are sleeping so close together!
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Both of my cats have always slept with me. First I must tell you one weighs 24lbs and the other 18lbs. The one that weighs 24 Cleo sleeps on my feet and Ripley sleeps right on my head. Not with out doing the back and forth patrol at least 3 times. I have taken too putting my hair up in a bun before I sleep because Ripley would start to pull my hair and make herself a nice little bed to lay on .So basically I am pinned the entire night. Ripley purrs soooooo loud on my head, you would think I would keep me awake all night, however I puts my right to sleep
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Aww, how sweet!
All my babies are "street" cats. I've adopted them as adults. It's a slow process. It begins with sleeping on a corner of the bed and building up to "on your face" .
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Over the years, my cats have found their "spot" on the bed and I pretty much know without touching them which cat will be where. About half of the cats sleep with us at night and the others are all nearby.

Scarlett and Koko are the 2 princess girls that love their daddy. They figured out their space by planting themselves on either side of him near his chest so he can wrap an arm around each.
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Chloe likes to sleep with us for a good part of the night. Iris almost never sleeps with us - maybe twice in the whole time she's been here. She has other spots she prefers, whether it be in our room or somewhere else.
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There should be enough room on the bed for more than one cat, but it depends on who Pearl allows up there. If she wants to be there by herself, then there's not too much you can do about it.
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Katie has slept with me all night for the past 12 years, not right on top of me, but usually down by my feet, or at least where she can be touching me in some way. Gracie usually comes into the bed in the middle of the night and stays until morning. Her favorite spot is on the pillow wrapped around my head. Pete sort of comes and goes throughout the night and usually sleeps curled up next to my side. They're just all different!
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Mine have their own places on the bed. K.C. has always and will always sleep ON MY HAIR. She makes a little nest in my hair and I'm not allowed to move, cuz it's her bed!

Last night I woke up and found Hammie stretched out looooong against my body. He was belly-up and his face was right next to my face. As a wee kitten, he used to sleep right next to my face, and he stopped for a while, but he's doing it now again.

Then Snickers will of course take the other side, near my head. Jess & Zorro sleep on the bed but usually leave during the night. And Dusty, she alternates between me and my daughter!

I think I'd go bonkers if I didn't have my kits with me at night!
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Alfie sleeps about level with me, but on the other side of the bed and Max sleeps either on my chest or on my head. The only problem is that Max is so loud!!

I often wake up and find them gone, or standing on my chest purring. (Note to self: Must teach kittens the meaning of 3am). I think I move around a lot and it wakes them up
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my kittt osiris has slept with me next to my right arm he likes to be as close to me as possible he has done this ever since i got him and he sleeps there all night long,
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