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Feeding Question

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I hope this is the righ tplace for this message. I love my two cats; the last time I had cats was as a child and they were outdoor cats so I didn't have so many questions.

Pearl and Brandy are my two cats. Brandy is the kitten and I'm switching her food from an adult formula that the family had her on to a kitten food. No problem once I did it right. She's switching nicely.

Pearl is 2 years old and she's on an adult indoor formula.

The cats are getting along with the nipping and biting I talked about in the other thread I posted here. But Pearl likes to eat from Brandy's bowl and visa versa.

The way I'm solving it is to separate the two cats and feed them their different foods.

My question is can I give Pearl her adult formula and put in some of the kitten food so that they can eat together? Or should I just continue to feed them separately for a while till Brandy is almost a year old. I figure I'll swithc her two weeks before her birthday so she'll be used tot he food.

I don't want Pearl to get overweight she's perfect the way she is.

How do you deal with feeding two cats on two different diets?

I do't mind the extyra work; I have the time right now to do it but if eatig together will help the cats bond I'd be willign to rethink my strategy.

Pearl (who's laying her beside me loking out the widow)
Brandy (who is somewhere, she'll let me find her when she wants meto be found)
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You didn't mention how old the kitten is. If the kitten is older than six months you can start mixing in adult food. I did that and had no problem. As for feeding kitten food to the adult cat, I would monitor her weight as it's possible she might be getting too many calories. I feed my cats separately and I understand how big of a hassle that is. That would be the way I'd handle it, but then if it doesn't work out for you, just go with what works and don't sweat it.
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