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Feeding Kitten 'People Food'? Please Help

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Been awhile since I was here.. been really busy with some kittens I have.

These little girls were rescued from a Psych Hospital.. the patients were throwing them like baseballs. They were approx. 2.5 weeks old. They went straight into foster care and were bottlefed. They were really rollie pollie. Then the lady had to go on vacation for 2 weeks so i took them and 2 others that were ill. but after I had them for 4 dyas one of the ill kittens passed away and my sister took off and the police had canine units and everything looking for her.. so i had to send them to another lady because I just didn't have the time to bottle feed them. so while at this ladies house they lost ALOT of weight.. they were really skinny when they went back to Darcys place (the lady that had her first).. she called me saying she had to go away again and if I would be able to take them as she didn't trust this new lady. We snce then took the kittens away from the rescue group as they wanted to kill them, but theres no reason to.. the lady is trying to have us arrested.. but it won't happen. So I took them in on tuesday night. Its now saturday night and the grey female, who was named duchess, but i am going to change it, has lost a bit of weight while being here.. she doesn't really want the wet food, nor the hard food. shes around 8 weeks old now. So tonight we ahd chicken and rice for dinner,a nd she seemed really interested in it.. so i got a plate and cut up some chicken and mixed in some rice.. and I swear.. this little girl ate like she never ate before. I was just wondering if it will help her gain weight, and if its any more healthy than the kitten food shes on. I plan on keeping her, but that isn't for sure yet. I plan on taking her to the vet, but have to alk to my grnadmom if she will let me put it on her credit card, and me pay her back for it.. as I don't have a job right now.. but she needs to see a vet.

Heres a pic of her.

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Why did the rescue group want to kill the kittens?

How many different foods has she had? I think kittens are similar to human babies...they don't adjust well to a lot of changes. This poor baby has had multiple houses, abuse, loss of the Mom cat, and maybe multiple foods. She probably doesn't know what to do or think.

Chicken and rice is not a healthy baby food, but you could mix little bits of chicken in with moistened kitten food. Maybe then she will try it.

Poor little baby, I sure hope she starts eating soon!
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its really a long story (I won't post the personal stuff.. its all too cunfuzzling), they never said they were going to kill them.. but they wanted them to go back into the shelter (and theres only someone there for 3 hours a day) therefore they wouldn't be properly fed.. and I told the lady that she was sentancing them to death if I took them back.. got into a big arguement, but there aren't getting them back.. I am willing to pay for the vet care. I am already paying for food and litter, and already have a home for the other kitten... I just want to keep an eye on her before I let her go.. and I know for sure this lady will spay and get vaccination for her... as she already has 5 cats that are all spayed/neutered and utd on vaccs.
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It is OK to give the chicken as a treat, but not as total nutrition. You can try getting a can of high-quality, pate-style, mushy kitten food and mixing in some of the chicken to get her interested, but as she begins eating the kitten food, decrease the chicken until all she is eating is the kitten food.

People food is a big no-no.
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