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The Russian Blue Crew!!!

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Hi everyone! Here it finally is... my Mik & Lex thread! Enjoy!

These are a few pictures I took since I got the camera yesterday, but be prepared for many more to come!

Lex : What the hell is this thing you keep pointing at me... you're freaking me out mom.

Lex: Hmmm, that flashing thing has piqued my curiousity... but I'm not buying into this idea yet.

Mik: Adore me if you must... I'll even stick out my tongue out for you.

Mik: Come on mom... give it a rest already! I need my beauty sleep.
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The Grey Goblins are gorgeous!
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Great pics with the new camera!!, I look forward to seeing more soon!
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Yay!! Mik and Lex are gorgeous!!!

More pics please!!!
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Thanks everyone! Okay, I'm working on it!
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Great Pics!!!
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They are sooo beautiful!
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ohhh what a face!!!!
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Oh My Gosh!!! How cute... Your last pic looks JUST EXACTLY like Kitters when she's sleeping... I'll see if I can't get one to show you how close it is!!! Nice pics!! PM me if you need some talking through on how to re-size them, I saw that is another of your posts!!!
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Fabulous pictures!! They are sooo adorable!
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I LOVE Russian Blue's. You're babies are beautiful. Can't wait to see more pix.
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Thanks everyone! Look for the second installment Sunday night.
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I love them! Yes, more please!
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They're gorgeous, Jenn! I'm one of those "snobs" who generally sticks to the standard domestic shorthair, but I have to admit that the Russian Blues captivate me. (Along with Applehead Siamese and Turkish Angoras). The combination of silver-gray fur and emerald eyes is just breathtaking. Your photos are great, and I'm looking forward to more.
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Great looking kittie
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Beautiful kitties
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Glad to finally see them!!
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Mik and Lex are just so adorable! I love there beautiful green eyes!
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Here's the second intallment... Enjoy!!!

Mik - Well, if you must take my photo, at least me chew on the cord!

Mik - Yeah, me just chillin' in my pad. About ready to settle in for a cat nap... if I can get some peace and quiet!

Mik - Sleep... Good...

Lex - Look at me, mom! I'm the king cat of the world!

Lex - Geez, still following me around with that thing... at least the flash is a BIT more bearable...

Lex - I hide under the covers and mom still finds me!
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You can keep posting tons... I love them all!!!!!

Funny you post the pic eating the cord... Kitters was doing the same thing yesterday!! A couple of the pics in this post are nearly identical!! Check it out!
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Here are a few of the rosettes Mik won at his very first show back when he was a kitten. As you can see, he did very well, and was a good show cat for a little while!

He also achieved Championship and Premiership doing a few local shows, but then quickly got used to the housecat life, so we eventually retired from the spotlight. Still was lots of fun though!

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I also love russian blues! They are just adorable!!

Thanks for sharing those pics!
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Oh, I love Russian Blues! So cute!
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Thank you everyone for your compliments and kind words. Mik and Lex send headbutts to you and your kitties!

Jilly - yes, I saw the thread before. Kitters looks like she's having loads of fun with that cord!
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Gasp!! Oh my oh my they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Lex is sooooo like Sashka:


Russians are just THE most edible kitties!
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Just beautiful, Jenn!
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More loveliness!! Those are great Jenn. I especially love the "undercover" one.
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Awwwww Jan those little faces are soooo sweet!!!
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They're simply georgous Jen! Thanks for sharing the pictures, we've been waiting a long time to see the little loves!
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