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I watched a new show last night called wildlife detectives. It's about people who arrest and prosecute poachers. I have always been against poachers. Killing animals only for their antlers, skin, or just simply illegaly is bad. I am not a vegetarian. I love beef and chicken, and even venison. But I never wear fur coats, buy leather goods made from reptiles, collect ivory goods, etc. Killing the endangered tiger for its hide and the body parts used in Chinese medicine is cruel. How can anyone kill such a beautiful beast such as the tiger, the wild relative of our cats. I always enjoy documentaries on tigers. They are such beautiful. Its sad that there are not many left due to human encroachment and poaching. To kill any animal without a legitmate purpose(food) is very shocking. I look forward to more of those episodes. I just like to ask the poachers whats going to happen when there are no more tigers?